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Fish eggs with my sardines?

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  • Fish eggs with my sardines?

    I opened a can of three large sardines today and noticed something strange. As I took my second bite, I found a grainy, tapioca-like texture that tasted fishy like the sardines but much more mild. I flipped one of the fish over and noticed it was sitting in a pasty pool of what looked and tasted a lot like caviar (albeit a lot more grey and dull than any caviar I've ever had), and there was more of the stuff attached to the fish's side / belly. I assumed that I had gotten lucky, they were indeed fish eggs, and continued to finish off the contents of the can.

    But, now I'm curious. Has anybody else ever discovered anything like this in with their sardines?

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    Definitely strange, but if it tasted good sounds OK to me. most likely eggs


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      Nope, but it sounds good to me
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        Ye I've had that happen to me before a few years ago. I wasn't up much on nutrition and didn't want to eat it lol. Free fish roe? Lucky you!
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          I've had it a few times with my tinned pilchards.


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            Sweet deal, I never knew this was possible.

            I'll be crossing my fingers now before opening every can.


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              I eat my sardines fresh from the supermarket captured in sea. It helps that I'm from Portugal hehe.

              Canned, I only eat tuna.


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                Never experienced that here.
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