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your favorite low-dish or no dish meal

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  • your favorite low-dish or no dish meal

    Yeah, I know we're all supposed to sit at the table (or around the fire) and savor our meals but sometimes when I'm just feeding myself, I don't really want to cook and make a bunch of dirty dishes, you know? Back in the day, I used to eat chips and salsa or peanut butter and bananas on toast.

    These days my best no-dish meal is an avocado half filled with salsa or whatever else looks handy, or a few mini sweet peppers filled with goat cheese. And this isn't exactly no-dish but when I'm really feeling very naughty indeed, I'll panfry a slice of cheese until it gets crispy on the bottom. I also occasionally eat those little smoked oysters straight from the can.

    What's your best no-dish, low-dish meal?
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