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Help me debate a vegan friend on facebook

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    My response to any vegetarian is: Humans and chimpanzees are different by 2% of genes. Chimpanzees are vegetarians, and what do they get? Bigger guts and smaller brains.

    I don't see the need to discuss it any further. Frankly, if people want to down pills and supplements and artificial foods instead of meat that helped the Homo Sapience to evolve as a separate species that's their business.
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    When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.


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      Originally posted by kiwineil View Post
      debating a vegan from a primal perspective is like trying to teach a pig to foxtrot .. frustrating for the teacher and pointless for the pig .. more better you just move on
      +1 Energy you can be spending on something productive.
      Integrity is what we do when nobody's watching.


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        Chimps are not vegatarians. Find the book, the "meat eating ape". Meat is social currency for chimps.
        Integrity is what we do when nobody's watching.


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          I, too, have a vegan friend, or maybe I'd suffice to call her an acquaintance. I simply blocked her propaganda posts from my wall.

          I'm a former vegetarian, and while I DO think animals should be handled with utmost respect and care, I don't see why we shouldn't eat them. Not to sound cynical, but what else purpose do animals serve, that to eat or be eaten by others?


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            Really an eye opener~ so much info!

            Beyond Vegetarianism--Raw Food, Vegan, Fruitarian, Paleo Diets


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              i don't debate vegans.


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                "The eagle never lost so much time, as when he submitted to learn of the crow."


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                  Originally posted by piano-doctor-lady View Post
                  Celiacs aren't 1 in 132 of the population. It turns out to be more like one in three, if moderate reactions to gluten are included, instead of the extreme kind which puts people in an emergency room from licking a stamp.

                  As for being kind to animals --- if they aren't grown for milk, meat, eggs, etc., they won't be grown at all. Instead of a short but happy calm life in good pasture, they won't exist. Or does your friend think that people keep cattle, sheep, chickens, ducks, and pigs just to be nice? If you buy local from a small producer, and see for yourself that the animals are well looked after, living in natural conditions, that's about the best for them that you can do.

                  The greatest violence to the natural world is a grain field, full of a genetically modified monoculture , sprayed with herbicide and pesticide, sown and harvested by huge machinery. It's a desert. Nothing but the one species can live there. The soil organisms die out, the tilth is lost till the soil turns to dust, the water is polluted, and it requires intensive use of fossil fuels, plus the energy to process it and ship it to the vegan user. Plus wheat isn't even healthy for most people. A lot of people get immune problems from it, it is addictive, many people end up with diabetes from eating it year after year, or have IBS, or both.

                  Compared to that, a good pasture has a diverse group of plants, animals, insects, earth worms, birds, fish, frogs, and soil fungi. It's a habitat. It supports life, including the healthy life of the cattle. It requires no plowing, irrigation, or chemicals.

                  You can point out to your friend the number of people writing to the Apple who found their migraines, their fibromyalgia, their insomnia, their indigestion, and their arthritis (some had one of these things, some had a number of them) cleared up when they ditched grains and sugar, and came right back again when they slipped and ate bread again.
                  Wow, that poetic. I think I'm going to frame that and put it on my fridge!