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    Hi, I am pretty new to the program, began Jan 4th. I am motivated by a 212 cholesterol test (LDL 143) done in December and refuse to take statins which made my doctor pretty mad. I amazed at the results initially. I've gone cold turkey on grains, breads, pasta etc as well as sugar. I haven't missed it much amazingly as I have really cranked up the fruit intake, I eat 5-7 servings of fresh fruit a day so maybe that is curbing the intense sugar cravings I used to suffer from daily. I have went from 212lbs to 196-198 in just 2 weeks and am walking 5-6 day's 30-45 mins hard and 2 day's of pushup's, ab wheel, and body weight squats and physically I feel like I am eighteen years old instead of 48. The am trying to get some factual exp around this program as it relates to lowering the LDL count and also how long that took. I am going to commit to the PB program completely for 6 months and get retested. Any feedback here?

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    Your one numberr doesn't tell us much of anything. From Griffs Primer, it's all about the ratios...

    The ideal ratio of Total/HDL is 4.4 for women and 5 for men. Also, according to and several other sites, the ratio of your trigs to your HDL will indicate whether your LDL is small and dense (bad - Pattern B) or large and fluffy (neutral - Pattern A). A larger number indicates smaller LDL particles and a smaller number indicates larger LDL particles. It's an inverse relationship.

    The ideal ratio of Trig/HDL is 2 or below. 4 is high. 6 is "danger!!" This ratio indicates the level of risk for heart disease. Additionally, a low ratio of Trig/HDL is great because it's a semi-reliable indicator of lower free insulin levels. Lower free insulin is good. (However, this doesn't appear to work for those of African descent, so take that with a grain of salt.)

    The ideal ratio of LDL to HDL is 4.3 or lower. 4.4 to 7.1 is average. 7.1 to 11 is moderate. 11 or more means you're at high risk for developing heart disease. The ratio of LDL to HDL is considered to be a marker of carotid plaque, or how much plaque you have built up in your arteries.

    My numbers before changing my eating started with a total cholesterol over 200. I wasn't particularly worried about it then, since my HDL was still fairly high. My most recent numbers after eating primal are Total Cholesterol: 161, HDL: 63.4, Triglycerides: 106 I eat between 50% and 80% fat on average. I eat what I consider a pretty large amount of fruit at 2-3 pieces/day on average, the reason I feel my triglycerides are not super low like many here. No doubt any real food like fruit/veggies must be better than grain, but I'm not sure how imperative it is that we eat some or many.


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      Thanks here are my actual numbers broken down


      Total 217