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  • The "RAVE" Diet

    Hey All-

    I just happened to be flipping through the channels this morning and ended up on a public television station. There I found a program called "Eating." Anyone ever seen it? The whole thing goes on about the dangers of eating meat, building up cholesterol in your arteries, and shows "case studies" of people reversing different diseases by forsaking animal products. They claim an all vegetarian diet is the primary factor in reversing disease. I don't think they specifically mention how they came to that conclusion which leads me to believe that they are comparing a typical American diet with the "RAVE diet."

    R= no Refined foods
    A = no Animal foods
    V= no vegetable oils
    E= exercise

    Comments? Thoughts on this?

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    Oh, I thought "E" stood for "no Exceptions".

    Yeah I've heard of this before, typical scare tactic nonsense and anecdotal evidence boolsheet.

    Still if it sways more rubes into veganism it's worth it's weight in gold.


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      Originally posted by Achilles75 View Post
      "case studies" of people reversing different diseases by forsaking animal products
      No suprise there, everyone knows refined animals aren't healthy, eat more whole animals for health.


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        Ah yeah, maybe it does. They come off quite convincingly...but yes their sources are a few doctors from the same clinic.