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PMS and cravings!

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  • PMS and cravings!


    I do great except for the last week of my cycle when suddenly my body goes on autopilot and the chocolate just suddenly appears in my hand (how did that get there!).

    I took some extra magnesium, I had 1/4 lb hamburger patty, collards, broccoli and sweet potatoes with butter for breakfast and I am still dying for something... I ate and ate yesterday. Mostly protein because I was trying not to eat chocolate but I am in the midst of my monthly cravings and it is HARD!

    Any suggestions for bringing the beast under control? This frequently ends in a couple of months of binging on simple carbs and I really don't want to go there.

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    Eat more fat. Seriously. You're body needs more fat and iron during that time. I like this breakfast in the mornings during my time: take an egg crepe and fill it with some smoked or baked wild salmon and melt some onion & chive cream cheese, add some mushrooms, garlic and chopped tomatoes and then put the cream cheese mixture over the crepe. Really, really good stuff. I've found that the more fat I eat the first few days before and druing my beastly time, I'm better off with.


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      I'm going to echo more fat. I'm not PMSing right now, but I am doing a sugar-free challenge this week after a few weeks of mindlessly dipping into the candy jar every afternoon, and I've been having a quarter cup of cream every night for dessert. I whip it (so it's like a half cup of whipped cream) with nothing else, and it satisfies me like any sweet snack would.

      Also, maybe have another hamburger patty. But I'm biased -- when I PMS, I crave meat.


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        Sounds good. I'll give the fat a try. I have been craving nuts and dairy as well but I had been trying to cut those out. Maybe that aggravated the problem.


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          Some months are worse than others. I try to keep some VERY dark chocolate in the house, but I limit myself to two bars no matter what. That particular week of the month, I tend to read through Martin's marshmellow post: In other words....try to stay busy as hell. I also have a problem with dairy cravings that week. If there's any greek yogurt in the house, it's a goner.
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            Here is what works for me...

            You can get really dark chocolate in individually wrapped squares. (I'm thinking Ghirardelli here.)

            Make a ritual: Put 1 ounce of salted almonds and 1 square of dark chocolate (still in its wrapper) on a plate. Step away from the plate for 15 minutes. If you still have cravings 15 minutes later, eat it. (The almonds and chocolate, not the plate.)

            Good luck! I hope this helps.