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  • Could use some advice

    I could use some help. I'm a little confused about why my weight is holding fast at 200lbs.

    I'm a 50 year old male, 5'10" and believe my ideal weight is around 175lbs. I have arthritis in my wrists especially.

    I started the Primal Blueprint diet 3.5 weeks ago starting at 208. I immediately lost 6 pounds with the elimination of bad food (soda, breads, rices, etc.) in 1 week which I believe was due to water weight and inflamation.

    The next week I lost another 2 lbs and for the past week and 1/2 have been stuck there even though I added 2 days of Crossfit during that time.

    I have not had any processed carbs, no rice, no potatoes, have been eating grass fed beef, eggs, organic chicken, nuts, avacadoes, etc.

    I have not been counting my calories... one of the things I initially liked about PB.

    My best guess is my body has not transitioned into being a fat-burner yet because I've somehow damaged it nutritionally over the years but am open to suggestions.

    The PB book has finally come into the library and I am picking it up tomorrow to read. For now I've just been cooking recipes on this site and reading blog posts so I might be missing something.

    Other than crossfit I do not have the moving slowly part down yet but will start by going walking tomorrow.

    I appreciate all you do... I remember reading about Mark in southern California when I was big into triathlons and doing the Pritikin diet. I've sworn by low-fat and carbs since which I now understand was the reason my body fell apart within a couple of years after adopting that diet.

    Ironically the intense diet and exercise got me down to 150 lbs in my late 20's and I thought was responsible for removing my joint pain (have had arthritis since mid-20's)... silly me.

    I am grateful to have come upon marksdailyapple, interestingly enough through

    I look forward to hearing what you all might think is going on with me.



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    Nuts, dairy and booze keep me from breaking through plateaus. Also, I think sometimes your body just takes a while to "reset". Remove the nuts, dairy and booze (if you do dairy and booze you didn't mention them) and add in the move slowly bit AND add in sprints/HIIT once a week. That might be enough to jumpstart your loss again. Are you taking any supplements for the arthritis? I've found SAM-E really helps (but it took a long time to kick in for me) with joint issues, as does fish oil and vitamin D.

    Hope that helps


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      you've lost 8 pounds in three and a half're doing fine. stalls are going to happen, and your weight will fluctuate from time to time. you've stopped counting calories, now stop using a scale.

      if the plateau persists, try looking at the nutrients you're taking in and make some adjustments there, but i think you just need to have a little patience and the weight will go away


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        A stall at 3.5 weeks is really no need for concern. Persevere and use body measurements to judge success rather than weight as the change in diet may have caused an increase in muscle growth masking the losses.
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          That mentality that it has to be about the scale number can be harder to lose than the fat, I'm here to tell you. If I can find it, I'll post a link to Batty's great post in which she puts up stunning before and after pictures AT EXACTLY THE SAME WEIGHT. I am a newbie (~six months?) and still get caught up in that thinking daily. Friends are telling me to get rid of too-big clothes and asking me what I'm doing, but I keep thinking about that scale number. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other. That's what you do.

          Here's Batty's post, "".
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            Give yourself at least six weeks to adapt fully to higher fat diet before worrying! You are certaininly not going to be a fully adapted fat burner in such a short space of time.

            On top of that, weight loss is NOT linear. I.e. you will not lose 2lbs each and every week for weeks on end, it will fluctuate. Some weeks you may not lose anything then suddenly find you're 5lbs down.

            Fluid lose can also mess with the scale weight and therefore also your head!

            Stay the course and be patient. Take measurements, go by the feel of your clothes do NOT rely solely on the scale number, as slacker above has quite rightly mentioned.


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              Also muscle is much denser and hence weighs more for the volume of space it takes up than fat does. So especially since you have started in with some exercise your body MAY be building muscle and burning off fat and the scale doesn't know the difference. Like has been said before, give it time. Let your body adapt, do some body measurements and then stay away from the scale (or at least quit thinking the number matters!) for a while. Pay attention to how you feel, how your clothes fit, etc.

              Good luck!


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                Patience - I lost 60 pounds in 6 month. While it would average 2.5 pounds a week sometimes I would go 3 weeks without any loss then the next week I would be down 6. Several weeks I actually gained a little only to lose what I gained and then some the next week. I still don't trust my scale - I do trust my fat calipers now - 75 pounds of the 60 pound loss was fat - I gained 15 pounds of muscle while I was dropping the fat and I think this may have been why my scale would show no loss while I had to punch new holes in my belt. I also used IF during this time and found it very helpful.
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                  Yup, all that. I've lost 40 lbs in the last year and did have many, many periods of dropping fast (like 4 lbs in a week) and many, many periods of not losing anything at all. I now weigh 7 or 8 lbs more than at my "slimmest" - but the clothes I wore then are loose and my body fat composition scale (they are not the most reliable gadgets in the world but mine seems to work pretty well for me) says I'm at the same percentage as I was then. Muscle is your friend.

                  Once you've adjusted to the diet, you could add in some intermittent fasting (IF) but I wouldn't do it until your blood sugars are totally even and you're not obsessing about food. Also, if you're eating dairy, cut that out, and nuts too.

                  Also, I notice a lot of guys just eat more than they need. Like my husband - he's getting much better though. Over time, just reduce your portion sizes a bit here and a bit there. You'll know if it's not enough food because you'll be hungrier soon after, then you can eat then, or eat more at meals - but don't rely on your default serving sizes to know whether you've had enough. Eat slowly and pay attention to your hunger & satiety cues.


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                    Thanks so much

                    Thanks for all the great advice. The scale has been put up and I'm not going to worry about it any more. I'll be picking up PB tomorrow at the library and am looking forward to some good reading.

                    I feel so fortunate to have found this site and appreciate all of your input.

                    I'll take a before picture within the next few days so I have something to share with y'all... (I'm a Yankee living in the South).

                    Best wishes,