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    I went primal for a few months and felt great. I had more energy and didn't feel hungry as often. However, I wasn't losing weight. I do have about 10 pounds to lose until I reach my healthy weight. I am in recovery from eating disorders and was discussing my diet with a nutritionist. The nutritionist felt I should go back to my prior meal plan which consists of high carb and dairy and low fat. Now I feel hungry and tired ALL THE TIME. After years of trying to take care of my body but struggling because of eating disorders, I want to do what is best for my health. As you may understand, I feel completely torn between eating primal and following a meal plan designed by a nutritionist. I know many other people here have also dealt with eating disorders, so I would appreciate any advice. Thank you.

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    Have you read Mark's book or most of his blogs to see why he suggests eating Primal?

    I have not had an eating disorder, per se, but have had a huge obsession with food & eating...

    As a power lifter and following the high protein, low fat way of eating, I might have looked good but I was constantly hungry!

    So when friends started suggesting I switch to low carb, high fat eating since it could heal my Rosacea and stop the hunger, I jumped on board!

    But now that I've read Mark's book, I am even more convinced that eating Primal is the way of life eating for me.

    You need to have that conviction for yourself.

    I hope you get clarity. Nothing worse than confusion.


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      Which way of eating makes you feel better?
      Are you able to find a nutritionist that would be willing to work with you using the plan that works best for you?
      Maybe post some of your meals from when you were following PB, their are alot of people on here that may be able to pinpoint what may have been holding you back from loosing the weight.


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        Speaking as a nutritionist with a Masters in Nutrition I would like to alert you to the fact that most "nutritionists" don't know crap. Hell I work in an office full of Registered Dietitians constantly talking about the dangers of saturated fat while the only person in the office who isn't mildly-severely overweight is the one who eats primal (me). If you feel better on one diet that should be the diet your health adviser advises you to go with. What the hell does some outdated information this person read in a text book a number of years ago have on your actual experience of what works for you?
        "You can demonstrate the purpose and limits of human digestion with a simple experiment: eat a steak with some whole corn kernels, and see what comes out the other end. It won’t be the steak."


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          Potatoes fix everything. you wont be hungry anymore, potatoes with every meal. meat eggs veg and fruit arent always enough to keep you full. just dont over-eat potatoes. Most nutritionalists will give you conventional wisdom, I would avoid them like the plague.

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            I echo the "RD's don't always know what's right" message above. My wife is a holistic nutrition professional and the crap she hears from a lot of the RD's she works with is crazy. I would seek the assistance of somebody trained in functional nutrition rather than conventional wisdom. As far as eating a crap load of potatos, I disagree. Yams yes, white potatos no. I went full paleo (no grains, dairy of legumes) about 90 days ago and my weight loss has been a steady pound a week. I just did a body fat test and every single pound I lost was FAT.


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              I felt a lot better when I ate primal. However, because I'm in recovery I do feel more comfortable having a meal plan to make sure I get all the nutrients my body needs. I'm a pretty active female in my early 20's by the way.

              When I was eating primal a typical day looked like the following:
              Breakfast- 2 eggs with vegetables, coffee with half and half and sometimes an apple
              Snack- 11 almonds
              Lunch- mixed vegetables or spinach with olive oil and ground turkey or chicken or fish
              Snack- non-fat plain yogurt
              Dinner- vegetables with olive oil and some kind of meat, usually an apple and maybe some sunflower seeds.
              Usually once may twice a week I would have dark chocolate covered raisins

              The meal plan the nutritionist gave me:
              Breakfast- 3/4cup non-fat yogurt, 1/2cup steel cut oatmeal, 1 piece of fruit, 5grams of fat, 14grams of protein
              Snack- crackers and cheese
              Lunch- 1/2cup vegetables, 21grams of protein, 1 piece of fruit, 15grams of grains
              Snack- 3/4cup non-fat yogurt
              Dinner- 1/2cup vegetables, 21grams of protein, 1 piece of fruit, 3/4cup non-fat yogurt, 30grams of grains

              As you can see they are completely different ways of eating.


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                I should specify sweet potatoes or yams yes. Ive tried to eat nuts and more eggs or coconut oil and it doesnt fill me up enough, unless you have tons of money to spend its difficult to not use the above.


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                  MyBodyMyTemple, eating too much fruit or any type of grain is going to cause your appetite to rebound too quickly which i would guess is the problem, it looks like your primal diet was pretty good however you dont want to cut out any fat, thats what helps fill you up. if you still feel hungry you need to (a) eat more food (if its not too expensive as more meat/eggs/veg & fruit will be) or (b) add sweet potatoes or yams like we mentioned. dairy works well too (cheese/yogurt=fat) do not buy fat free (fat is not bad for you), its just a matter of spending the money and eating enough.


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                    Oh dear God. I would run away as fast as I could.

                    Do you know about the Paleo nutritionist out of San Francisco? She does phone (and maybe even Skype?) consultations and can get you straight. Her name is Diane Sanfelippo, and her blog is

                    Your story reminds me of a nutritionist I was seeing. After going over my food log, she told me she wanted me to eat rice and drink milk. I said rice and milk make me fat. You know what her answer was to me? "I eat rice and drink milk and I'm not fat."

                    (Which is exactly what I did.)

                    From what I've seen in myself (I am also recovering from an eating disorder that ruined the best years of my life), CW foods actually make the bingeing worse, whereas Primal tamps it down.
                    "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates


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                      I agree with your grain comment. After eating I would feel full but it seemed like an hour later my energy would crash and I would be hungry again. When I was eating primal I was concerned I wasn't eating enough. However, I wasn't losing weight and that led me to believe maybe I was eating too much.


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                        TigerLily- I also feel eating more grains has made me crave food more! I feel I ALWAYS want food now. My concern with eating primal, like i mention above, is that I wasn't eating enough. I felt I often should be eating even when I wasn't hungry jsut because i am use to eating every 3-4 hours. However, I do want to make sure I am getting enough food.


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                          If your truly eating primal its difficult to eat too much, like mark sais eat until your full because if your eating the right foods there arent really any consequences, just eat until your full. I notice the biggest problem with it though is that its easy to run out of money haha. eating primal to your fill is EXPENSIVE.


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                            Yeah, I totally agree about the grains!

                            Lately I have been thinking I'm not eating enough, either. I'm truly just not hungry. But I'm not weak and I can lift heavy and feel great doing it and my skin looks OK, and I know I'm in ketosis (so I'm burning fat for fuel). I totally understand what you said in your previous post about wanting (really, needing, I think) a defined food plan rather than just winging it every day (not a good idea). I think that Paleo nutritionist can get you straight. Look her up on YouTube and see if you think you'd like her.

                            You might not have been losing any weight even though you weren't eating a lot because you were eating foods that were inflaming you. That was the case with me. It was either the physical therapist or Rolfer I'm seeing who just told me recently that an inflamed body cannot lose weight (or it will be a big struggle to do so). The foods that were inflammatory to my body that I cut were dairy and nuts. Since then, I'm losing weight at a pretty good clip and it seems effortless. Prior that, I lost only about 1-2 pounds in 6 months.
                            "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates


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                              Did you use the Paleo nutritionist? And were you only losing the 1-2 in 6 months while eating primal? Even when I was eating primal I was not losing. So, maybe your inflammation explanation is right. I used to feel my body did not do well with dairy; however, of course from most of the nutritional wisdom out there I'm supposed to be eating dairy. It would be very helpful if this Paleo nutritionist can help me sift through it all.