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  • Newbie - Smoothies without the crap...

    Have been making a morning smoothie consisting of frozen mixed berry's from TJ's, 1 banana, FRESH squeezed orange juice (not from concentrate) or 2 oranges, and sometimes a splash of 1/2 and 1/2.

    This sound OK?


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    Probably too much sugar. Bananas are freaking sweet, and juice isn't helping. I make smoothies with frozen wild blueberries, coconut milk, maybe some yogurt or some soaked almonds, and water to help it blend up. I would stick with the frozen mixed berries, and just add coconut milk and water until it blends well. If you want dairy, go for whole cream; it's the best dairy fat bang for your buck, since a pint of half-and-half often costs roughly the same as a pint of cream.


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      Limit it to a single frozen fruit variety and some almond milk or coconut milk.
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        I have to agree with the above posters. I normally go with blueberries since they have less sugars than bananas/oranges. And I add ice and coconut milk. Sometimes I will use a protein powder if I am going to be out for awhile and I need the smoothie to hold me over for multiple meals.
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          I make mine with spinach (can't taste it), coconut milk, frozen pineapple or peaches or whatever (not big on blueberries), and add lemon-flavored cod liver oil. Very tasty. I use ice if it needs to be thicker.
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            Also check the half-and-half. Some brands of that have TERRIFYING ingredients.

            Or just switch to buying heavy cream.


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              Believe it or not, avocado is great in smoothies too. Makes them nice and thick and creamy

              I sling half to a whole avo (depending on how thick I want it) into the magic bullet with a handful of frozen berries, some kefir, yogurt or a splash of milk and top it off with water, then blitz away. Comes out great! You could of course leave out the dairy, and/or chuck in some ice cubes to give it more of a slushy type texture.

              Also good with a scoop of whey or protein powder for a post workout or meal replacement.
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              If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least


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                wow thats a hell of a sugar kick for the morning...
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                  I do half an apple, chopped, some parsley or cilantro, 1 pc celery, chopped, some blueberries, water, and protein powder. Sometimes a splash of cream or evoo.


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                    I do frozen spinach, coconut milk, shredded coconut, frozen berries OR banana and sometimes some protein poweder.


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                      Unless you are trying to personally finance your dentist's next vacation you should avoid smoothies in general.
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                        ...or brush your teeth!?


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                          I buy things like broccoli or kale, put it in the steamer (I still eat raw cruciferous vegetables but not on a regular basis anymore), freeze them and then use them in my smoothie. All in all I usually use something like half a head (bunch?) of broccoli, a cup of kale or some other green, 2-3 tomatos, 3 carrots, maybe half an avocado and a half banana. I don't like salad and this is my sweet and creamy replacement. Yummy.

                          Except for that half banana I also still eat other fruit (mainly berries, sometimes an apple or some grapes) but I want to really see them as a treat and fully enjoy them, not put them in a smoothie where I can't fully appreciate them.


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                            Originally posted by anne View Post
                            I buy things like broccoli or kale, put it in the steamer (I still eat raw cruciferous vegetables but not on a regular basis anymore), freeze them and then use them in my smoothie.
                            Oh, I like this idea! I used to put spinach in smoothies, thinking that I got enough minerals to deal with a little oxalic acid, but then I found out that not only does it bind to calcium, it can also form kidney stones. Since I have had UT issues in the past, that worried me. But putting pre-cooked greens in a smoothie sounds like a great idea!