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  • Newbie....critique me!

    Hi guys

    I am new to MDA and to primal/paelo eating, though I have been gluten-free and mostly dairy and sugar free for some time. I am 6'1, 225, 49, fit. My goal is to lose bodyfat as I maintain/increase muscle. My workout plan is P90x (second round) and I am happy with it. I have been eating primal for a couple of weeks now, and am in week six of P90x. I am dropping weight, but it is and alway is a very slow process for me.

    Here is an approximate typical day for me, eating-wise, and I am using Fitday to keep track:


    Two omega-3 eggs scramble in tsp of clarified butter, slice of bacon, 0.5 slice of millet bread with pat of butter. Coffee black (only one cup a day)

    Snack (pre-workout):

    1.25 cup of unsweetened almond milk
    0.33 cup of blueberries
    1.5 scoops of rice protein powder
    3 tblspoons of coconut oil
    1 tbls of heavy cream, organic
    All blended into a shake

    Snack (post workout):

    1 tbls of almond butter
    .25 of medium apple
    3 small blocks of 88% organic chocolate


    8 oz of pork tenderloin
    0.5 cup organic sauerkraut
    1 cup steamed broccoli
    1.5 pats of butter
    2 gluten-free gingersnaps


    1 oz of roasted almonds

    For yesterday, I ate 1943 calories (though most days I am in the 2400 range, more typically). I had 57% fat (118 g), 31% protein (140 g), and 13% carb (65 g).

    Again this is pretty typical eating for me. I went through a definite "low-carb flu" but feel better now. Any hints or suggestions are welcome, and Im happy to be onboard here.


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    I am new too-- and looking for feedback. I am also in my second round of P90X-- day 80.

    7:00 AM:cup of kefir and protein powder smoothie, tablespoon peanut butter (no sugar)
    12:30 PM: 4 egg omelet cooked with 4 slices of bacon fat, spinach, curry powder

    Dinner will be some beef, something green-- maybe spinach/egg/bacon salad.

    I have been doing better making it through my 10:00 mid-morning snack cravings.


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      To be frank I think calories are too low (even though you claim it's usually higher, I bet it's not since you seem really wired up about it), and too many random things if that makes sense?
      2 eggs and a slice of bacon, i mean live a little man I eat 8 eggs and 300g of bacon for breakfast and I'm only slightly taller than you. Millet bread is made from the millet grain i presume. I bet it's chock full of nutrients (that you can't absorb) or whatever. Ditch it.

      Your pre-workout snack appears to be 1/3 of your calories from the rundown with all the random things you've thrown in there. Only eating a quarter of an apple and then eating dark chocolate instead is silly. Dinner is good except I have no clue what on earth a gingersnap is. It might be gluten-free, but it sounds like something manufactured and is probably free of nutrients and full of crap. Your protein intake is probably a little low unless you're chowing down on that rice protein (why rice?) like there's no tommorow.

      I guess my suggestion to you would be: Ditch all the random tidbit snacks and hyped up "health foods" and eat 3 solid meals with protein (MEAT/eggs) and some veggies. Eat a piece of fruit when you want it.

      I know you said you like it, but you're 49 and I doubt you will see optimal results working out intensely for an hour a day 6 days a week. Maybe if you were 20, but beating yourself into the ground is not going to do anything for bodycomposition, and your stress hormones will most likely skyrocket preventing fat loss. I believe a solid barbell workout 3 days a week will do you more good.

      It might seem like I'm clawing at a lot of things, but you did ask for a critique If you've just started trying to eat primal, it's probably fine if you have a transition period of a few weeks dipping your feet in the pool.

      @Demos without your stats or your goals it's kind of hard to be specific, but maybe some of the same suggestions I'm giving Bradd apply to you aswell.


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        Thanks for your help.