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  • Overwhelmed x10

    Quick intro:

    I'm a 44 yr old male who has been trying the PB for several weeks now and it has shown immediate positive results (far less anxiety, surprising energy throughout the day, slightly clearer thinking etc) and I am confident that this is the dietary route I have been searching for for decades.

    Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) I have been poisoning myself for so long in so many ways it is becoming overwhelming trying to address the seemingly endless dietary issues I continue to face.

    I am a recently sober alcoholic (6 months) and I was amazed at poorly I still felt without alcohol in my system. Of course, like most alkies I am a smoker and coffee drinker from hell so this accounts for some of it but I eventually found that I was "doing" sugar like I did booze: one chocolate bar was literally setting off a binge which I have never experienced before, often putting back 4 bars plus pop and an entire tub of ice cream and was getting hangovers from it. This is what led me to this dietary change. I have now been free from sugar, pop, grains, processed food for the last few weeks.

    However, it appears that I am either detoxing OR still sensitive to many other food items and I keep finding food forums that compound the confusion. What the fuck do I eat other than grass fed meat and veggies?

    I have a diagnosis of fibromyalgia which I suspect is dietary in nature and suspect I have leaky gut which appears to be both a cause and effect of my former lifestyle.

    So, today is the end of coffee and milk (which have been ripping my guts up) and cigarettes are next but I feel on the verge of going nuts primarily because much of this is educated guess work. I am not financially able to pursue the types of tests that would confirm leaky gut etc so it will need to be done via forums like these.

    Whew. Thanks to anyone who read this diatribe and I imagine I am not alone in my confidence in this lifestyle change AND the chronic anger/confusion about what continues to make me feel like crap.

    Anyhow, greetings from Canada.

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    What's wrong with meat and veggies?

    There are tons of threads here talking about what to eat, and lots of recipes.

    Right now...go fix yourself a giant omelette stuffed with meat, guacamole and mushrooms, and/or salsa, scallions, spinach, chopped veggies, etc). Have a sweet potato on the side with some blobs of butter on it.


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      Welcome.. make sure you are cooking extra meat (sausages, hamburgers etc..,) so that when you get hungry, you'll have good stuff available. I find it's when I get sudden hunger that I'm more likely to eat crap. Stick to it, it sounds like this is going to help you a lot.


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        Welcome, fellow Canuck!

        I hear ya on being overwhelmed. I'll definitely echo what slowcooker said in that you should have lots of grab-and-go ready foods handy. Nuts and seeds are good, but so is jerky (most butcher shops make their own), bacon strips you've already cooked up and put in the fridge, celery (this rocks because it takes a helluva lot of chewing so it fills up time as well, which lets you figure out if you're actually hungry or just eating out of habit or habit replacement), boiled eggs, chicken drumsticks (cooked up and in the fridge, waiting). Lots of options!

        Something else you can do if you feel stress levels rising as a result of a sudden onset of craving (for anything) is to do lunges down your hallway. At the end, drop and do 5-8 pushups. Do lunges back up the hallway. Do 5-8 pushups. Sometimes a bit of burst physical activity, or using up some of that nervous/stress energy, brings me back down to where I need to be.

        Also, nothing beats a simple walk. Just wander around the neighbourhood or through a local park. Fresh air does wonders.
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          And please, please don't forget to play!!! You need it as badly as you need to improve your diet. A healthy body needs a healthy mind, and yours sounds waaaay stressed.



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            Just sit back and relax. You have been abusing your body for years and years so you can't expect things to resolve themselves overnight. Your body will be literally detoxing for the next year or so from what I understand. So I would say that you are still flushing those toxins out of your body and they will keep affecting you. Just my 2 cents YMMV.
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              Originally posted by yestolife
              I have a diagnosis of fibromyalgia which I suspect is dietary in nature and suspect I have leaky gut which appears to be both a cause and effect of my former lifestyle.
              For your Fibromyalgia,
              To make a long story short, Fibromyalgia can be DEADLY! We lost a good friend to this disease. Don't let the doctors cripple your immune system! Your Immune System got screwed up from a severe Vitamin D3 deficiency. IMO, I think it is a worthwhile bet to start taking 10,000 IU of Vitamin D3 Gelltabs daily ASAP. Then test your blood level in 2 to 3 months for optimum blood level of 60 to 70 ng/ml and adjust dosage as required. Each 1,000 IU of Vitamin D3 will change your blood level by 10 ng/ml.
              If this doesn't resolve your problem, then doctors & their nasty drugs may be your only hope. Please do let me know if D3 helps you. I need the feedback because I know someone in our church suffering from this.

              For your Smoking,
              I also suffered from smoking, drinking, grains & sugars addictions. Smoking was absolutely the toughest thing EVER to quit. There is a book that many people swear was the secret to quitting tobacco. Alan Carr book,"The Easy Way to Quit Smoking"
              Also see this link for some great help.

              For your diet:
              Focus on fish, meats, chicken, veggies, fruits, nuts, eggs, natural oils like Coconut, Olive.
              Absolutely no bread, grains, oatmeal, legumes, corn, sugars, soda pop, hydrogenated oils.
              Trust me, there is so much to eat you will not go hungry.

              I know what you are going through, buddy. Been there, Done That... ALL OF IT! Contact me offline if you want. All of this CAN be done. I am living proof that this can be done.


              For your grain & Sugar addictions, more on Vitamin D3. . . .
              Please see my research Reports below for more help,
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                Because being an alcoholic is associated with addictive personality, try to find a way to become addicted to eating right and exercise. Even if you overdo it, the negative effects will be minimal. I also recommend, a great website about simplifying your life. It has helped me find perspective and appreciate the smaller things.


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                  I work with many, many alcoholics both practicing and in recovery and NOT ONE of the sober people does not have an incredible, noticeable sweet tooth going. It's one day at a time brother, and I would also say one thing at a time. I would hate to see an alcohol relapse from trying to kick sugar. I would work on the cigarettes next and then the diet/exercise or the other way around. Not to discourage you, you're already doing the hardest thing, but you are admittedly overwhelmedx10 and I wish nothing but the best for those on your path.
                  Wheat is the new tobacco. Spread the word.


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                    Getting back to your question: "What the F do I eat?" -- there are a lot of quality primal/paleo food blogs out there with countless new recipes to try. Start googling around, primal food / recipes / blogs, and you'll be surprised by the variety of meal ideas already out there. Mark Sisson also has a cookbook available on Amazon-


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                      First of all, congratulations! It keeps getting easier, and it sounds like you're already through the hardest part, so right on!
                      A few things: primal food is delicious, and its simple. Don't overthink it at first. So you aren't eating turkey sadwiches for lunch? Nothing wrong with eating half an avocado, a handful of turkey and a piece of cheese. Eat whole food, and don't assume it needs to be "prepared." It doesn't, and it will still taste great. Strawberries, not strawberry parfait or primal shortcake (if there even is such a thing); it can be simple like that for awhile. Good meat just needs salt, pepper and heat. After time, you'll figure out some recipes you love...but not every meal needs to start with a recipe.
                      If you have food sensitivities, watch out for eggs and dairy and nuts...don't necessarily avoid them, but pay attention to how you feel when you eat them; they're common allergens and might trigger your fibromyalgia.
                      Good luck!
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                        Have you thought about taking a step back and doing things a little at a time? Even Mark suggests that some people might not be able to go Primal "cold turkey." I like Dr. Kurt Harris' steps at PaNu. I'm considering doing an extended personal challenge where I focus on a different one of his steps each week, without worrying too much about what I haven't gotten to, yet. For example, the idea of intermittent fasting is much further down the list than eliminating gluten grains, so it'll be easier to IF when I'm not riding as much of a sugar/grain roller coaster.

                        Edit: I forgot to say, I probably don't eat any more meat than the average (non-vegetarian) American. I tend to focus my eating on vegetables and fat. I eat coconut milk, berries, and yogurt for breakfast, then veggies, fat, and some fish/eggs and maybe a little cheese for lunch, and do a dinner of meat/fish/eggs and veggies most nights for dinner. Some nights I make a coconut-milk-enriched vegetable soup with some homemade broth. I admit, it's easier because I'm small and don't need as much protein as a larger person, but I still usually max out my protein on days when I eat flesh for 2 meals.
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                          Um, this first sentence isn't very validating or encouraging, imo. Going from high carb intake to just meat and veggies is a HUGE jump and I can identify with the feeling of boredom and borderline panic at facing a lifetime of eating only meat and veggies.

                          Yes to life - don't forget fruits, especially berries and other lower-glycemic choices (you can google glycemic index for lists). Also, I would only cut out one thing at a time... say ditch the coffee but keep the milk or perhaps the other way around? Taking smaller steps will help keep you sane and you may find you don't have to do without both. Also, I imagine you could keep butter and cream, and possibly whole fat greek style yogurt which has far fewer carbs than milk. But if you have a diagnosed or historical intolerance to milk, perhaps cutting it out is the way to go. I'm just throwing out ideas here...
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                          Oct 2009: 205 lbs
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                          Current weight: 158 lbs (first time under 160 in 17 years!!!)
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                            Well bloody done for all your work so far

                            Just to add a couple of thoughts - don't necessarily be afraid of bingeing - IF it is on primal foods - meat, veg. It's actually very hard to binge on these real foods. But if those cravings hit, at least it's a little reassuring to know that you can't do yourself much damage.
                            Well, that works in my mind at least!

                            Also second on the vitamin D supp - I supp 5000IU a day, living in the UK, I haven't been able to afford any of the blood tests so this is my "best guess" for an appropriate dosage. I've found it's made a real difference in how I feel.

                            If you do struggle, don't be afraid to review and cut things back - tackle one thing at a time. Slow and sure is better than trying to do everything at once and giving up in frustration.


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                              I think this is good advice. From a triage standpoint, seems like cigarettes are higher on the list than carbs/coffee/dairy.
                              42 yo female; 5'8"
                              Oct 2009: 205 lbs
                              Dec 2010: 167 lbs
                              Current weight: 158 lbs (first time under 160 in 17 years!!!)
                              Goal weight: 145 lbs