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  • A little experiment

    Ok so I have been primal since September 2010. Prior to that I was a healthy eater, not really eating many grains just mainly oats for breakfast, BUT I was a low fat eater. I had a few positives going primal in that my headaches disappeared, I was sleeping well, my skin was better and I had more energy which made me less grumpy (not that I was really grumpy but with low energy things used to get on top of me). The only negative was I put on a couple of kilos and whilst it was only a couple I did feel a little chunkier.

    So I decided to try a little experiment, after all that is what primal is all about finding out what level exactly works for you. I have only been doing this a week so a little hard to tell, but I have lost the 2 kgs I put on in 1 week. So what I have been doing is still eating primal as I totally believe in the system, BUT instead of having say 3 meals a day and eating when hungry I thought I would try 5 smaller meals with 100g protein at each meal and a carb rotating type thing. I am going to give myself a couple of months trying this just to see what the outcome is.

    So what have I noticed so far?
    I have lost 2ks in 1 week (bonus!)
    I'm not sure I'm enjoying eating when I'm not hungry and actually prefer the 3 bigger meals I was doing prior
    My fat intake has reduced because I'm eating more meals but again I think I prefer eating more fat as before as my meals were more tastier.
    I certainly don't have the energy I did prior and although eating regularly I am feeling tired by mid-afternoon
    I am still sleeping well
    My skin is still great
    Clearly I am not getting bigger and things are shifting
    I don't like eating on a 5 meal schedule

    As you can see I think I already know what the outcome of this little experiment will be and its exactly what Mark says, eat when you are hungry, don't eat if you are not and eat lots of fat. One thing I am learning from this experiment is I can get away with more carbs (in the form of sweet potato and/or fruit) than I thought I could and maybe that was some of the problem before, I really wasn't eating many carbs or tracking my food for that matter but maybe I am one of those people that needs more carbs in my diet.

    If all goes according to plan I will in a few weeks go back to my intiutive eating and higher fat diet, 3 meals per day type eating, this is all just finding out what works for me. I don't even really need to loose weight I just need to tighten up but its funny how I went 4 months and gained 2 kgs and have gone 1 week and lost 2kgs! Bring me back those tasty meals anyday I say![SIGPIC]

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    Interesting. Do you really eat 500 grams of protein a day on this regime?


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      Yeah I do, not sure if its a good thing or a bad thing! Its a mixture of all different sources of protein, sometimes its a protein smoothie with spinach and coconut oil just depends on what I'm feeling like, but its more of a bodybuilders type gym eating plan except I choose to do it primally. I'm really only trying it because I paid a trainer for a nutrition and training plan so I figure I would keep it as primal as I could and when my time is up revert back to 100% how I should be doing it in the primal blueprint as I did feel so much better. It does have fat in it just not as much as the primal blueprint recommends and also not things like cream, butter etc, but you know its only such a short time I'm doing it for and I'm sure at the end of it, it will give me personally a snap shot of what works and what doesn't for me in a primal sense. Who really wants to eat this often anyway, its such an inconveniance.[SIGPIC]


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        wow...500g protein....from real food? i bow down to you, that seems damned impossible esp if you fat is down like you say!
        Get on my Level


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          Actually Mal although I am feeling a little worn out I'm not feeling hungry and not having cravings, but yes I'm missing all the fatty fare but because I'm accountable to someone I feel I should follow their plan I'm counting down the weeks until its over and I can get back to the fatty fare as I reckon to be honest it won't make much of a change in my physique that the fatty fare couldn't give me. Clearly aswell I am training 6 days a week at the gym, 4 days lifting and 2 sprint days. How many days did I have left again? Don't tell them but I did have a fatty roast last night


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            500 is astounding. I struggle to get to 100 on a daily basis. How do you do it?
            --Trish (Bork)
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              Ah I think I made a mistake after going back and reading, when I said 100g of protein what I meant was that is the portion size of the protein at each meal, so 100g chicken, meat, fish, cottage cheese etc so I am not sure what the actual protein in this would be. OOOPS