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    Is Bill Phillips of Body for Life making a comeback or has he always been around? Has anyone tried his new programme? There are a few emails coming through from various people re advertising Bill Phillips.
    Bill looks very plastic. I do have a Body for Life Book that I bought years ago. It didn't do much for me but liked looking at the transformation pics in the book. I think the bodies were too body-builder big though.

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    His new Program is basically " fix your outside by fixing the inside" meaning a more spiritual approach to permanent weight loss. You do 18 assignments to help you mend your wounds of life, and still eat and cook Body For Life. Not for me. and Yes, he DOES look very plastic. and he needs to lose the weird hair.


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      This really amuses me because the only Bill Phillips I know is the 1997 Nobel Laureate in Physics. He did lose a bunch of weight a few years back on a low-ish carb diet, I think. He eats a lot of broccoli :P


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        I used to be a devotee of BFL (and actually my Lift Heavy Things workout is pretty much the BFL upper-body progression) but found the six meals protien/carb thing unsustainable.


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          Oddly enough, I started rock climbing with Bill's sister in law randomly last year. Very nice gal, super in shape, but they tend to subscribe to the cardio and constant workout regime. Shawn and Bill Phillips are always doing something business and activity wise, so don't think it is a comeback per say, I think Bill was coming out with a new book because one of the biggest concerns voiced about BFL was that it was unsustainable longterm. I have not read the new book myself....I did BFL years and years ago but would agree, it was A LOT to think about. I do know they as a family tend to subscribe to finding workouts/sports that you love rather then just focusing on working out for the sake of working out, wonder if they included that in the new publication. Nice folks, even if I don't join in on their philosophy I do wish them the best
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            I think the BFL workout is a good one, especially for beginners. It's probably not Primal, but a good start.


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              So I've done BFL 3 times in my life...

              The first was in '03, I made it to about the 6 week point, and was seeing pretty rapid weight loss, (something like 15 lbs in two weeks if I remember correctly), but then I started dating a girl, who had other activities in mind when we woke up instead of me getting up for a BFL workout. What can I say, I'm weak.

              Next was '05 during a 6 month deployment on the boat. I'd gone up to about 235 lbs (I'm 6'2") and was probably about 25% bodyfat. Over the course of the deployment, I completed one 12 week challenge, and came back in the best shape of my life much to the delight of my then fiance, now my wife. I'd dropped from 235ish all the way down to 204 and then back to 212 at the end of the challenge. Body fat was much lower, I'd guess around 15%.

              Life happens...and now, I found myself back up to 232 at the beginning of this deployment back in November. I started a new challenge then because it was the only thing I knew that worked. I have a lot more time to workout while on deployment, and so the BFL workouts are easy to fit in, however, eating 6 times a day is tough, and since I can't shop for my own food, I was completely dependent upon meal replacement shakes and protein powder. Then at about week 7 of the challenge, I found the BP book while surfing amazon and bought it. I'd been a huge fan of it, and had planned on starting it fully once my current BFL challenge was over. I took a few steps in the mean time, cutting out sugar, and more importantly grains. Last week I eschewed artificial sweetner, and finally two days ago, with two weeks left in the Challenge, I said screw it, I want to go fully primal, and so I did.

              BFL for me was not sustainable. I want a sustainable lifestyle that I can stick with not just when I'm on the other side of the world with plenty of time to workout, but when I'm back at home. I think the BP is going to provide that for me.

              Also, I made myself a goal for deployment. My wife and I are taking a trip to Hawaii when I return, and I want to have actual abdominal muscles...visible. I have a little over 3 months remaining...and I'm ready to get my Grok on.


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                It's a pretty good program, I have to say. It utilizes fasted training and pretty decent macronutrient ratios.

                That said, the free day would absolutely destroy me. I could lose like 3 or 4 pounds in a week and then gain 7 from a day of pizza, beer, cheesesteaks, more beer, and then more beer. Then I found my free day would leave me craving bad food for a few days after, so I would often inevitably extend it a few days and never see good results. I got decent results doing BFL, though -- put on some muscle, lost some fat.

                PB works better, IMO, because it eliminates the cravings after a few days. That, and I've noticed some real good stuff on PB like no more dandruff.

                Also, God bless Bill Phillips for making the program, but the shakes and stuff are NOT necessary. I'm no guru, but I don't see how shakes could be useful except in the event you absolutely cannot cook.

                A better version of BFL is called 'Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle" by Tom Venuto. That is an excellent, excellent, excellent book that isn't pushing shakes or supplements.


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                  Also, greatest hits of BFL:

                  - Do fasted training in the morning (good idea)
                  - Eat 6 small meals a day with a lean protein, veggie, and starch -- preferably a potato (I like PB better, especially IFs)
                  - Take a free day once a week and eat whatever (this did not work for me, as my free days triggered unbelievable cravings and I spent all week looking forward to a free day, where I could literally down 4000 or 5000 calories in a day, most of which came from carbs. I would inevitably extend them too many days in a row).
                  - Do weight training (great idea)
                  - Buy Myoplex shakes (blah)

                  Venuto suggests carb cycling, by eating carbs for your first three meals a day and then not eating them for the last three. Venuto is against ketogenic diets except for losing the last 5 - 10 lbs.


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                    I did BFL back in 2005. I was still nursing my daughter at the time, and it didn't seem to have a negative impact on my milk supply. I do believe I am the only person in history that did BFL and gained about 35-40 pounds while doing it. I was doing it in the fall, from like September until the middle of December when my energy was just so horrible I had to stop. I ended up being diagnosed as hypothyroid, which is why I gained the weight. I often wonder how much MORE weight I would have gained if I had been following a more standard exercise and weight loss regime. If I were following the food guide I would probably have gained 100 pounds.

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             I completely forgot about this. I still get emails from a lot of fitness gurus, one being Jon Benson. He sent one a week or two ago with a picture of him and Bill Phillips and my mouth nearly hit the floor. Bill looked...BIG! And not in a good way! It was probably just an unflattering picture, but my Mum and I couldn't believe it!

                      Then I got another email with a new picture of Bill...with the face of a Ken doll and long, whispy blonde bangs. It was so weird! It's like...BILL, what happened?! He looked like a hottie on that first BFL book cover .

                      Regardless, he's a great guy and has helped and inspired so many people. Just thought I'd see if anyone else was onto Bill 2.0
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                        Point made

                        "The Way We Do Anything Is the Way We Do Everything"
                        ~ Kancho Cameron Shayne

                        Blog - The Primal Pantry
                        My Leangains/Primal Lifestyle Challenge to begin 2/7/11!
                        Check out the Blog for Daily Progress


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                          wow. totally creepy.^^

                          I did body for life in 2004 and got completely jacked. I'm not sure how exactly - I think I basically ate CW clean and reduced my carbs, fat drastically while increasing my workout volume. I think my 24 year old hormones helped a lot as did eating a ton of protein.

                          So because of that I can't knock the program. And Bill is (or at least was) in amazing shape so I can't really cast dispersions.
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                            I didn't know what you guys were talking about until you posted that book cover. You're sure it's not just a book about plastic surgery?


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                              I completed a 12 week BFL challenge in 2001, and was faithful to the program. I did lose weight, and bulked up nicely. I must admit that Bill's program was the first thing that really worked for me. Honestly, I think it did put me on the "path". That's being said, I was single at the time, and had a mindless job with little demands, so I had plenty of spare time on my hands for the program.

                              I do think Bill and his brother Shawn have put together programs that can benefit people. However, I personally find it hard to incorporate them into a busy lifestyle. It can be done, and I have done it and it benefited me, but it was admittedly under special circumstances.

                              However, I have said that If I ever lost my job, and/or had the time again on my hands that I once did, I would do it again, but now with a a PB diet.