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  • VLC - Gross or Net

    When going VLC in order to cut or drop quickly, is it total carbs or net carbs that should be counted? Right now I have 26 total carbs on the day, but only 8 grams of sugar.

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    Total carbs - and the lower the better.
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      Stay away from sugar alcohol completely.
      Fiber doesn't have to count but its hard to get it to make much of a difference anyway at VLC levels.
      The sugar number doesn't mean much. Easily digestible starch is pretty much the same thing(see the first line of Griff's sig)
      26 total should work, the more of that that is fiber the better but don't obsess over it.


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        The only number that technically doesn't count is insoluble Fiber.

        Starch counts just as much as Sugar
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