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New job - what to take for lunch?

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  • New job - what to take for lunch?

    After three months of unemployment in London I will be starting a new job tomorrow. So, money will be coming in....

    However, for those who don't know London - lots of nice shops, but for food it's sandwiches all the way. In this type of weather I don't want to eat salads, what else can I take to work and reheat in the microwave? (Note to flexi - remember to check whether kitchen has microwave...)

    I can only think of thick vegetable soups....

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    soups aren't bad. and chili is a way to go in my opinion. when it gets warmer you can likely bring salads too. there probably aren't that many primal dishes that can't be wrapped up and brought into work each day.
    plus, you also have the option of just not eating lunch. eat good-sized primal meals outside of work, and i think you'll find that you won't even want food while you're there.


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      Originally posted by Flexi View Post
      I can only think of thick vegetable soups....
      Really? I literally have never thought about bringing soup to work. Here's what I re-heat:

      - Everything.

      Ok, more specifically:

      - meat re-heats really well, I make it all the time. All animal proteins do.
      - most veggies re heat just fine as well, however I like warm veggies over cold ones, so salads for me are rare. Broccoli, spinach, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, everything works.
      - eggs. I routinely bring omelets to work. I also have hard boiled eggs in soup (so good) the option to have cold hard boiled eggs is there as well.
      - stews
      - stir-frys, basically a combination of the above, meat and veggies.
      - ground beef concoctions. Ground beef chili with bacon and onions. I just ate now I’m hungry again!

      I think any food option works… I’m struggling to think of stuff that you would normally eat hot/warm that you cannot reheat… so unless I missed something I don’t know why you can only think of soups, unless of course you’re not used to cooking in which case you need to start!
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        Have a great big, healthy breakfast and try to skip lunch? Or take a protein bar with you
        --Trish (Bork)


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          I send dinner leftovers from the night before with my husband almost every day for lunch. If we don't have leftovers, my standby is to send him meat and cheese roll ups (sometimes served in lettuce). I usually chop up some raw veggies to send with and maybe a side of nuts. As an alternative, I will send him a salad with a large serving of protein (tuna salad, eggs, avocado, cooked piece of chicken, slices of cooked beef...).

          The key is to make your lunch up the night before when you are putting away dinner....... chop up veggies and salad fixins in large batches so you can toss them together easily throughout the week, etc. I usually keep a couple cans of acceptable soup, chili or something like that in the cabinet for emergencies.
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            Congratulations on the new job!
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              Yes congrats!!!

              Here's a few things that I regularly take...

              - meatballs in tomatoe sauce (TJ's has a sugar-free sauce) over roasted veggies
              - sausages w/beet & brocolli slaw (using a citrus vinegarette)
              - cold cuts, cheese, pickles and an apple (not warm, but oh-so convenient)
              - big @ss salad (with warmed up chicken on top - I love cold veggies and warm protein)
              - grilled peppers & onions w/mexican seasoned shredded chicken (warmed w/guacamole, jalapenos & pico de gallo on the side)
              - sautee'd zuchinni, ylw squash, onions, spinach, mushrooms and peppers w/chicken and tomato bruschetta over the top
              - asparagus, artichoke, carrot and brocolli w/chicken in a garlic & butter sauce.
              - asparagus, carrot, green pepper and ham in a creamy mustard sauce (use long peels of carrot and they act like pasta)
              - sautee'd shallot, pancetta, diced tomatoes and shrimp in a garlicy broth w/ a healthy pinch of ceyenne pepper and smokey chipotle powder (works well for clams or mussels too, but they don't reheat so well)

              Bon appetite!


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                oh great, that's a lot of handy suggestions. I learned to cook in small portions - maybe I should use the recipes for 4 people and freeze far I have cooked fresh everyday, but there are hardly any leftovers :-) and of course I am hating to prepare lunch in the morning. So packing it at night seems sensible.

                Thanks a lot!


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                  Flexi, are you from London or a traveller?
                  I loved my time in London on a working visa for 2 years.


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                    I often make a slow cooked spicy pork, which I top with cilantro and pickled peppers, and sometimes lettuce or sour cream if I have it around. Chili, made from chicken or beef, and no beans (boo hoo...I do miss the texture) works well too. Both of these things store well in the freezer.
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