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  • I've started the Whole 30

    From yesterday. I've been primal since December the 7th but I'm still feeling terrible. (Lethargic, cranky, and no bowel movement since Thursday. Tuesday now). I know better than to blame the diet and say it's not working or whatever. I believe if it's natural and what we've been doing for millennia, there can't be anything wrong with it, but I am surprised that I haven't had the great results most people seem to have.

    I will say here that in that time I haven't been strict Paleo. I haven't touched grains or legumes, but I've had sweet potatoes, dark chocolate (a bit every day), some cheese and yogurt, and probably a few other odd things, but I've made sure (apart from on Chrismas) that it's all been natural and whole. I've had quite a lot of sugar in fruits as well.

    This is what I had yesterday:

    three eggs, kale, sesame seed omelette
    prawn and avocado with fresh lemon
    baked veg
    coconut milk tea
    prawns and bowl of vegetables
    EDIT. had two apples as well

    Just one of a few complete primal days since December, but I'll be having more. I'm cutting the dark chocolate until February 20th (where I will probably eat a whole bar as a reward )

    Is it also recommended to cut cheese and yogurt for the Whole 30?

    This is tough already..

    But I'll record my diet here, please throw me any tips to spice the meals up a bit. I only started cooking back in December.

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    Whole30 requires the elimination of all dairy products, including butter, cheese, yogurt, milk, cream, etc.

    I did a Whole30 back in August/September, and I remember that the best way for me to get variety was to get lots of different kinds of veggies and eat multiple types of veggies at every meal. Also, you might want to watch the apples; I find they can sometimes prompt sugar cravings. I ate sweet potatoes and winter squash on my Whole30 -- Melissa and Dallas have no problem with them, and Robb Wolf actually recommends them for active people.


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      Might be too soon for you to attempt the mother of all will power feats, but good luck!!

      Elimination of dairy is important, what I learned is that life without dairy is entirely possible and you will realize that too after just a few days. Whole30 is going to teach you how to form good habits. Once you're done you can add things back in but I bet you will know how to limit yourself. I just started on a new one for kicks with a couple of guys here on the board, check out Bane's Quest for Fire (thread) to follow along and add yourself to the mix. We're all trying to cheer each other on and posting meals, etc, so find that thread.
      I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.


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        OK, well yesterday wasn't a primal day then. I used butter on the veg and to fry the eggs.

        I think you're right, it will be make more sense if I do the Whole 30 in several weeks instead, once I've got more into the swing of things. I kind of made this post on the spur of the moment, just after waking up and I felt like crap, and I remembered reading about people having so much energy in the morning. I think there are other factors involved as well, besides diet and exercise. I've been stressed quite a lot recently and had a couple of panic attacks. I'd be surprised if this hasn't got something to do with it.

        What I'll do instead of the Whole 30, which I think may add to the stress, is for the next month or so just slowly move towards a diet like it. I'll be keeping butter. I can't see how I'll ever give that up, but I'll cut down on sugar, eliminate dark chocolate, use a wider range of veggies and become a better cook. Then after a month I'll see if I'm any better and take it from there. I'll post back on any changes, and will be using this thread if I decide to do the Whole 30 in February.


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          Dr. Kurt Harris at PaNu has an interesting post about using dairy fat to replace carbs, at least for newbie paleo-ers. Personally, I prefer to think of myself as a PaNu devotee, rather than primal or paleo or whatever. I like his balanced approach.

          Whole 30 is a great tool, if you think you have an intolerance. I did one and learned that I *don't* have any acute symptoms from eating butter, other dairy, beans, non-gluten grains, or wheat. But I do find that grains increase my sugar cravings and nuts make me feel bloated and icky (except macadamias, so the price is a built-in moderation device).

          Have you ever been diagnosed with OCD? I just got diagnosed about a year ago and realized that my panic attacks and my diet fixation are probably related. Just a thought. It might be that something like Whole 30 is a little too restrictive just now because it'll cause anxiety if you even think about cheating.


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            Right, I'm going for it. Whole 30, bring it on.

            I woke up this morning feeling even more crappy, and my bowels have stopped altogether. This is just adding to the stress as I've heard about all the toxins leaching back into your blood and that 90% of disease starts in the colon etc, etc. And it freaks me out. So here goes.

            A few things. I think eggs could be involved here as well, so I'm going to freeze that box of 12 I bought yesterday. I'm going to give up all dairy. So far (the past couple of days :P) I've managed to stay off the dark chocolate, although I had some pretty strong cravings for it yesterday, so I really think I can do this. Question: Is cocoa powder OK? I was thinking of making those cocoa, coconut, coconut oil, nut energy bars (Mark did a post but I can't find it now).

            I'll be cooking with olive oil and coconut oil. Is there anything else I can use (please not Lard, can't stand the stuff), olive oil's only good for low temperature and coconut oil's expensive and slow to get out of the bottle. Having a cheap primal alternative would be nice.

            I'll appreciate any and all help I get with this. I haven't read the Primal Blueprint. I only know the basics so I'll definitely need support.

            It's 8:30 here in England. I'm going to have 2 avocados and an apple for breakfast. Then off to work.

            Will post back later. (Mel, I've never been diagnosed but I do think I do have it. I'm obsessive and compulsive anyway)


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              The Whole 9 Life has extensive blog posts about both their personal diet philosophy and Whole 30 as a specific endeavor. I would suggest you read their blog archives and comment on the most recent Whole 30 post. Melissa and Dallas check the comments frequently and answer questions. Responses straight from the source would be better than what we would say.

              That said, they do specifically recommend against making dessert substitutes.

              And "Mel" is a weird nickname for "Melantha." Didn't realize that was me for a minute :P


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                Try buying Robb Wolf's book. There is a thirty day meal plan. There are other really great books with low-carb meal plans as well. Try following one for a month. Shy away from "all recipe" ones... that can get expensive! Just simple, throw together ideas.

                As for what you ate (above) I would only have one piece of fruit a day myself. How about... a fruit smoothie in the morning, a salad for lunch, nuts for a snack and a meat and veggie dinner?

                P.S. I know how hard it is to kick dairy!! Especially if you are of Scandinavian or Dutch descent. Lacotose Tolerence... It is literally in our genes.


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                  Thanks, I've just bookmarked the Whole 9 site and will be reading that for the next few weeks. Probably posting too.

                  As for recipes, I would like some more but I won't be buying any books, for now at least. Any spare money I have will be going towards the food. I'll take ideas from the Whole 9 site and any other primal websites I can find.

                  Since I'm cutting out the eggs too (was having 3-4, on most days) I'd like some other sources of protein. Any ideas?

                  So far:

                  fish (tinned and fresh)

                  The rest of today I'll be having a tuna beetroot spinach broccoli salad then a Moroccan chicken casserole (using cauliflower rice) or chicken baked with carrots and parsnips.


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                    Bacon over squash. Yum!!
                    Shrimp stir fry in the freezer section (my store sells one with JUST shrimp and veggies, yay!)
                    If money is tight, chicken livers. Yes, chicken livers!! For a buck. Not too shabby.
                    Crab in tin.
                    Fish in freezer section
                    Steak for a splurge
                    Pork chops
                    Whey protein shakes. Throw berries in for smoothie.


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                      DAY 1

                      2 Avocado's

                      Tuna beetroot spinach broccoli carrot salad with wwv evoo salt pepper dressing (this was really good)

                      Moroccan chicken casserole (two chicken thighs) (

                      snacks/drinks, etc

                      Some almonds
                      Tea with coconut milk (any non-sugary sweeteners for this?)


                      Feels good to have done the first day, and I think I'll be able to do the rest just fine. It's not going to be the most varied Whole 30, but I think that doing this sooner rather than later will encourage me to try new foods. Never had butternut squash before, so I intend on trying this.

                      Also I think I rely too much on broccoli, carrots and parsnips. I eat them all the time. Should try some others really.

                      Other veg to try out:

                      Brussels sprouts

                      That's all I can think of Aubergines are too expensive, and lettuce isn't exactly value for money when I look at the nutrient content. Spinach and kale seem like better choices.

                      I'll be doing a lot of thinking out loud through this, but any input and support is helpful. Thanks
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                        I am planning to do Whole 30 in February. I just made a list of the allowed foods I like so here is my veggie list for you, hope it helps.

                        Leeks, onion, carrot, turnip, swede, sprouts, cauliflower, kale, parsnips, squash, sweet potatoe.

                        I had a look here to find food in season
                        seasonal food should be cheaper.

                        Also don't forget herbs to add flavour.

                        No sweetners on Whole 30. Butternut squash is AWESOME!
                        Good luck.


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                          That website looks great, thanks.

                          I've just realized I should have made this thread in the Primal Blueprint Journals forum instead of nutrition. Is there any way I can move it??


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                            So my favorite lunch on Whole 30 was my layered lunch box. The short version is that it was a bed of kale, topped with a layer of roasted butternut squash slices, topped with a layer of red and green peppers, topped with a layer of broccoli sprouts, topped with a can of flaked wild salmon, topped with sliced avocado. Here's a link to my blog post about it.

                            And if you're avoiding nightshades, you can replace the peppers with something other delicious veggie. I did my Whole 30 in August-September (you don't have to start on the first day of the month!), so both peppers and kale/squash were available locally at the farmer's market. Now, peppers are all probably from Mexico or Israel, so maybe you could replace them with fennel or shredded carrots or something.

                            If you want to move the thread, I bet you have to contact a moderator.


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                              I'll have to make that salad. I think I'll be having a BAS on most days through this.

                              Tomorrow's BAS will be with leftover Turkey leg. That's roasting in the oven right now, all 700 grams! Don't know what I'm going to have with it yet..

                              I've got various veggies. Thinking of just cutting them and throwing them in the roaster with the Turkey. Any other ideas for it? It's ready in 45 minutes!