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pseudomonas aeruginosa, does anyone know of a cure??

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  • pseudomonas aeruginosa, does anyone know of a cure??

    The doctor just informed him that he has this disease and he continually chooses medicine over exercise and nutrition. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!! Thanks Jim cannon

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    Pseudomonas Aeruginosa is a bacterial infection. You should probably listen to your doctor and take the antibiotics he prescribes. THEN look at dietary remedies for the underlying immune system issues.


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      Pseudomonas infections are hard to get rid of. Take the antibiotics.


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        Antibiotics, without question.


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          Yeah, for acute bacterial infections, it's best to take the antibiotics. AFTER he's done with the antibiotics for the acute infection, if the infections are recurrent, look into eating a clove of raw garlic or two every day. Garlic is a pretty broad-spectrum antibiotic (i.e., not good for acute infections), and I've used it in the past to get over a recurring UTI. I wrote a blog post about it. I should probably put a link to my blog somewhere in my profile or something...


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            Get vitamin D status checked and follow up on that, too. But take the antibiotics.

            If I'm not mistaken, there is a pneumonia vaccination that is for pseudomonas, but not sure which one. That's a question for your doctor.


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              The vaccine is for pneumococcus, not pseudomonas. From here on out I will refer to pseudomonas aeruginosa as PA.

              My son has cystic fibrosis (CF). People with CF are very susceptible to sinus and lung infections with PA. Intense antibiotics are the only thing that keep the bacteria from taking up residence in the lung, where eventually it damages them so much that people with CF often die of this damage.

              My ds gets a throat swab every 3 months to check for it. When it's found, we have to treat with inhaled antibiotics. Just finished 28 days of that about 3 weeks ago and are going back today to get another swab to see if that did it. Before, they used to treat it more aggressively - a month of oral Cipro (a scary thing to have to give to your 6 yo child, let me tell you - especially if like me you are very skeptical of Western medicine, don't vax, etc) and a month of inhaled antibiotics. Now they don't treat it as aggressively. After that treatment 5 years ago, my son has been free of PA for 5 years. It just showed up again a couple of months ago.

              You did not mention where the PA infection is and how serious it is - amount of bacteria, is it mucoid (formed a biofilm)?

              If it's someone with CF who has it mucoid, there is not a whole lot of hope for getting completely rid of it. However, living with it harmoniously is definitely possible.

              My advice: do the antibiotics, but ALSO focus on exercise, nutrition, and additional antibacterial herbs after the antibiotic treatment is done. Probiotics are also really important - they are proving to be key to lung health in CF. I have more specific advice if you can detail what kind of infection it is and what other health conditions the person may have.


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                I have had pseudomonas aeruginosa in the form of swimmers ear for many years I weakened my immune system with an unhealthy lifestyle and it went wild. It infected the skin in and around my ears, nose, eyes, mouth, scalp, and face. I started fighting it 4 years ago and went to 7 doctors who didn't know what it was or what to do. Antibiotics were prescribed but it was so well established the drugs could not penetrate the defensive coating the bacteria creates. I tried vinegar, peroxide, and many antibiotics with little effect and a lot of irritated skin. I then discovered that pure lavender oil, could break down the bacteria'a defensive coating. By itself it's a little strong so I mix about a tsp. A&D ointment, 1/2 tsp. bacitracin ointment and about 20 drops lavender oil into a small tin. Mix it we'll with a q-tip. Apply it daily and see what happens. It may give your prescribed antibiotics a better chance to work. I have great results with this and wish you the best as I know the frustration of dealing with this.

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