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MEATS you eat - help me make a list

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    Poultry: Turkey. I love turkey. Haven't tried anything else yet, like duck, just because it's not available to me, but I would.

    Red meat: Bison/Buffalo. Love it. Sorry, I just don't like beef. Elk, also pretty tasty.

    Fish/Seafood: Salmon, mahi-mahi, oysters, mollusks, mussels, mackerel, haddock, clams, any shellfish or ocean fish I can get my hands on. (I live next to the ocean so fish isn't hard to come by)

    Reptiles/Amphibians: None.

    Organ meat: Not brave enough for that.

    Other (insects? anything else?):


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      Poultry: Chicken is blah, turkey is ok, duck is great, goose is awesome, but it's been years.

      Red meat: Beef, buffalo, does ostrich count? Venison, but only had it once. Would love to try Elk. And I LOVE lamb. Don't like pork, but will occasionally have bacon.

      Fish/Seafood: Salmon. At a sushi place I get salmon, yellowtail, and tuna. I don't eat shellfish at all (lobster, crab, mussells, etc), though occasionally I can be convinced to eat prawns.

      Reptiles/Amphibians: Nope.

      Organ meat: Had tongue as a kid, didn't care for it. Tripas (tripe) in menudo is yummy. I probably ate cabeza (head meat) as a kid but don't remember it. I'm told it's very tender and juicy. Liver is ok. I boil chicken organs (heart, liver) in soup stock, but don't eat them.

      Other (insects? anything else?): Tried escargot. Wasn't into it.

      Guilty pleasures: I sometimes eat beef hotdogs, or turkey dogs. And pastrami, which is probably too processed to be primal.

      A note about turkey bacon: My pet rats won't eat it. Whatever my scavenger trash-eating friends won't eat, I won't eat! These are animals that will chew on socks and plastic!


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        Frenchie raises his hand.

        Fresh from the butcher.

        Once you learn that you create your own reality and that you are fully responsible for your life, you can begin to see the world as it is and then you realize the limitless possibilities.


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          I second the sea cucumber.

          Guinea Pig (Cuy) is a delicacy in South America...

          Stuff like Pigeon. Quail, Snake, Crocodile are quite popular in Chinese cooking. I was unwittingly fed snake as a child, didn't realise for ages.

          How about Eel? Has anyone said that? It's just like... well fish too me.

          And bone marrow is probably the favourite part of a cow for me. The squishy texture, love it. But it seems to be harder to find nowadays.


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            Oh wug I forgot about eel! It's my favorite sushi Wow I haven't had sushi in ages...I could try sashimi I suppose!

            You are what you eat,
            and what you eat eats too - Michael Pollan


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              Oh yeah, I too forgot about eel/unagi! I've had it, but didn't really care for it.


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                Heh, eel. I love seafood of all varieties (except abalone, don't get that one)

                I actually just thought of something else on the way to work though.

                Kangaroo meat! My friends love it and apparently is packed with iron. She used to get tired easily and swears by it, chooses it over beef. Not sure if much gets exported out of Australia though.

                Emu meat is also around, but not sure about it's nutritional contents/profile.