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Does whey protein cause gout?

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  • Does whey protein cause gout?

    Ok, so I have been having some mild pain in my right big toe joint that may or may not be gout. On the off-chance that it is gout, do you think whey protein can cause it? That is the only variable that has changed in the time that I have started having this pain.

    Whatcha think?

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    I don't think the whey is causing the gout.
    What other ingredients are in the shake? How about the other foods you are eating?


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      gout is a problem that usually takes years to develop!
      I guess you could safely say that the pain probably comes from another thing, maybe an injury or overuse thing you didn't consciously feel but is causing pain now would be more probable


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        Claude: Thank you - I think you may be right as I just started teaching kickbox and have been doing some routines that I'm not used to. I switched out my shoes and hopefully the pain and swelling will go away soon. It's mild enough that it doesn't stop me from teaching. (Momma needs the money!)

        The only thing diet wise that I had changed in the past several months was I recently started adding a Jay Robb protein shake after my workouts. This was coinciding with the toe pain, so I wanted to be sure......(If that answers your question, Sue....Jay Robb's protein is pretty pure. I add a couple of frozen strawberries (minimal) and some coconut milk. That's it - but delicious. I understand fructose is supposed to cause gout, but a couple of strawberries only once a day - really!!??)

        I stopped the shake for a couple of days to see, but it seems only slightly better. Probably will take longer to heal with all the activity my poor toe has to stand up to.


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          Glad it's slightly better.
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            Thank you Sue - and just for closure's sake, it was definately an injury and not gout.

            Changed my shoes and my toe is now Totally Fine!

            Thank you all!


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              Thats good to hear, as a gout sufferer that is something I wouldnt wish on my worst enemy.


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                i had the unlikely misfortune of developing gout at a very young(24) age. i see one of the top gout specialists in the world. he says diet has little to do with gout flare-up as was once believed.


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                  Most common thing I heard about gout and it's causes is excessive fructose.


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                    Gout is an inflammatory disease caused by overproduction of uric acid, or under-excretion in the kidneys of the same. The disease can be the result of diet, lifestyle, injury, or genetic factors. Takes years to develop.
                    You donít stop riding because youíre getting old, you get old because you stop riding.