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Should I wait a bit before I try IF

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  • Should I wait a bit before I try IF


    I'm new to PB. Been on it for about 1 month now. I really like the program because the biochemical and genetic aspects of it make complete sense; and totally agree with what I learned in my biochemistry courses back in grad school. I have experimented with a lot of exercise and eating methods over the last few years and I usually range between 14 %BF in the winter and get down to ~8 or 9% in the summer. For a male this is a range were the visible changes are easy to see. After about a month on PB I'm noticing an upward trend in both weight and BF. I'm not the least alarmed, but am wondering if this just might take some time to go the other direction.

    I've even been doing some 18 hr IFs. In the past I've heard that "Fasting will turn on your bodies fat storage mechanisms." Is this complete crap? Do I need to wait a bit longer for my primal genes to turn on and be more effective? My hope is to have a winter of reasonable exercise and diet. yet still get down to my competitive race weight and BF by the cycling season. In the past I've achieved this with the chronic cardio approach during the winter, but I agree with Mark's idea that this is just a silly way to train all year long...