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  • Just started out.

    I tried the akins diet years ago but find this is alot easier to do so far. I enjoy the nuts, veggies and fruit. My thing is reading from the forums that most of you dont eat fruit is there a reason to this or just a choice? Just wondering because i do love apples and berries.

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    To me it is just empty carbs, I'd rather have green veggies. Fruit makes me hungry too.

    I do like berries though, the rest is no loss to me. It's all processed almost as much as packaged foods. (Waxed, gassed, cold-stored, picked early, selectively-bred for sweetness, etc)


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      If you like fruit, eat it, worse things are out there for you to eat. If weight loss is a huge concern, you may want to look into limiting how much fruit you eat (too much sugar, not enough nutritional bulk, does drive up hunger quite a bit rather than quiet it down) but, don't stress it, this lifestyle stops being enjoyable when you have to wonder about every morsel of food you plan on eating.
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        Because it plays havoc with my blood sugar control. I have fruit maybe once a week, tops.
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          I enjoy an apple in the morning because unlike most fruits (which leave me wanting more), I find apples are satisfying and stay that way for awhile. Same with dark berries (and they're so full of antioxidants). However, I try to stay away from anything too sweet (no pineapple, mango, dates, etc) unless it's a special occasion.


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            Go easy on fruit and nuts, especially at first.

            I have berries with cream or whole milk yogurt. Sometimes apples with cheese. (Obviously, this only works if you can digest dairy.)

            I probably eat too many nuts. Here is Mark's take on nuts. Some are pretty good, e.g. almonds some pretty bad, e.g. peanuts, which are not nuts.
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              Thank you

              Tnks for the information look forward to asking more questions.


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                I love fruit but limit it to a rare treat because I try to stay away from sugar, and fruit has too much for me--as had already been posted, I prefer the nutrition (and lower carbs) of veggies.