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can't shake this hungry feeling

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  • can't shake this hungry feeling

    A lot of times at the end of a meal, I still feel like I'm hungry. I usually go for nuts to satisfy me at this point.

    Plus, after about 2 weeks of strict eating, I am ravenous. I'm getting at least 2000 calories a day, probably more, lots of protein and fat.

    is this typical??


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    Yes, it's typical for some. What are you eating?
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      Describe the "meal" you speak of.
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        Do you get enough sleep? Lack of sleep will drive up ghrelin, the hormone that makes your stomach feel hungry and empty.


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          having the same problem myself, the holiday season was not kind to my eating after several months of crappy eating gaining weight and not sleeping regularly i have been havin the same problem after switching back to primal eating. only thing i find helps is upping the fat content of a meal to silly levels help me feel satisfied. one thing that makes me feel pretty full i make about a lb of stir fry veggies broccoli slaw, broccoli snap peas and carrots and i fry it in about a quarter cup of olive oil then cover it in curry sauce. that with a healthy portion of some kind of meat helps me feel full for a good six to eight hours.


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            This is normal for me. Some weeks I am ravenous and really eat a ridiculous amount of food. Then I have weeks where I hardly want to eat anything. It all balances out in the end.

            Just make sure you are getting plenty of fat with your meals.
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              If i'm still hungry after a meal, I eat some double cream straight with a spoon... After a few mouthfuls I'm not hungry anymore. Fat is key!


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                Originally posted by hazyjane View Post
                Do you get enough sleep? Lack of sleep will drive up ghrelin, the hormone that makes your stomach feel hungry and empty.


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                  thx for replies.

                  maybe I could use more fat with meals, although sometimes this gives me a nauseated feeling.

                  meals: 2 eggs, garlic, mushrooms, spinach, butter for breakfast, sometimes a hotdog too. lunch - big salad with meat and homemade tahini dressing. dinner- meat and veggie. nuts and seeds at end of meals to fill me up.

                  I wasn't being too strict at one point, eating cheese to fill me up, but now I'm trying to avoid dairy in hopes of eliminating cravings.


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                    ah, my sleep has been way off lately. hopefully the kids will stop having snow days and I can get back in a routine!


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                      Just days ago, I was having this same problem! And the first instinct is ALWAYS fruit/nuts (sugar/carbs!). Today I finally listened to this advice and realized I wasn't getting enough fat. I literally ate a pat of butter.. and then another, and a few minutes later was completely full. Almost too full, considering just moments before I had dived for my sunflower seed butter and banana!
                      It seems so simple, but it's very counter intuitive for most of us who had been dieting for years.
                      Good luck, you'll get this hang of it soon