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The required amount of Fish-oil

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  • The required amount of Fish-oil

    Hey everybody,
    in his article mark says the following:

    "In cases like these (which is the majority of us trying to eat and live right by Grok’s ways), taking 1-3 grams of fish oil each day is a good way to restore the fatty acid balance in our cells, promote good heart health, provide essential fatty acids for our brains, improve protein synthesis after workouts, and counteract some of the downfalls of modern life."

    if you would consume fresh, fatty fish on a daily basis, you would get in a lot more than 1-3g of fat each day. so my question is: does it make sense to have an even higher dosis? (around 20g=?)

    thank you for your responses. kon

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    Yea but who ever ate / wants to eat fresh, fatty fish every single day? However, I do recall Robb Wolf suggesting people strive to hit about 10grams of pure fish oil everyday ( at least for those for starting out).

    I'd also aim to eat as much 100% grass fed meats as possible since they are another great source of Omega-3s.


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      There is a "Robb Wolf Fish Oil Calculator" over at

      I take NutraSea Fish Oil and, according to the calculator, I should be downing 8 teaspoons (40ml)* per day. Expensive!

      I currently take about 1 tsp. per day.

      *That's with a "Fish Oil Factor" of 0.5.

      These are the factors:
      • 0.25: Maintenance
        For healthy folks who have been on a higher dose of fish oil for at least 3 months.
      • 0.5: Healthy
        Training smart, sleeping well, eating no sugars, grains, dairy or legumes.
      • 0.75: Banged Up
        Recovering from injury, stressed, poor sleep, eating some sugars, grains, dairy and/or legumes.
      • 1.0: All Banged Up
        Sick/injured/obese, very stressed, eating a high carb, poor quality, Western diet.


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        Originally posted by LEED3D View Post
        Yea but who ever ate / wants to eat fresh, fatty fish every single day?
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          Just be careful, it is possible to take too much at which point it starts thinning the blood too much as well as some other things.


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            I think the whole 9/robb wolf calculator is a tad on the high side. I take carlsen's liquid fish oil and if I took the calculator's recommend amount, I'd never get off the toilet. I just eat as well as I possibly can and take the recommended amount on the carlsen's bottle...a tsp or two a day depending on lifestyle factors...
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              i eat up to a pound of canned salmon every day and take up to 15-20grams of fishoil. im probably on the extreme side but i feel great, joints feel lubricated, skin is awesome. as far as blood thinning i did notice that. me and my friend were donating blood at the same time and the nurses let us race to see who fills up first. i wasnt even squeezing my hands hard and filled up my bag twice as fast as he did. as far as cuts go, I train MMA and constantly get cut and scratched and the cuts seem to close/heal just as fast as they did before the fish oil.


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                My understanding from something I read recently is that Wolf himself is backing off on his earlier recommendations....


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                  I cut back to 1 tablespoon of carlosons. Never got the runs from high dosage before.
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                    My understanding is Rob Wolf has changed his stance on the amount of fish oil you should take. After getting my eyes tested the other day my optometrist informed me the most important statement to see on the outside of the fish oil bottle is reference to Natural Triglyceride formula. I have Nutra Sea but found out they ran into trouble a little while back selling fish oil from Canada when buyers were under the impression it was from Norway. My health food store wasn't too impressed with NutraSea due to this in their opinion deceptive practice. I'm now buying Nordic naturals, expensive but the real deal


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                      I tried that Rob Wolf calculator and it came out at 8 teaspoons!!!!! The manufacture usually calls for 1 teaspoon. What credentials does Rob Wolf have recommending 8 times the dose of the manufacturer. You would think it would be the other way around. I'm suprised he isn't hired by fish oil companies to market their products