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What to do with ruined roast?

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  • What to do with ruined roast?

    So last night I made an huge beef top round roast, using my favorite recipe (preheat oven to 500, rub meat with spices, pop in the oven for 20 minutes, then turn off the heat and leave in the oven for 1 hour). Usually the outside gets seared and is brown and lovely, and the inside is a perfect medium rare.

    But I was caught up in this medieval romance flick (no haters, knights are hot) and it was the part where the lovers reunite after 20 years of doing penance for the sins of their youth...yadda yadda, and then my kitchen timer never rang and forty five minutes later I ended up with well done, tough, dry roast beef. It's tragic. We ate half of it anyway and my husband and kids were gracious but I can't serve the rest of the beef as it is.

    Should I cook it down further, until it's soft, like in stew? Should I mince it and put it in something? Make some kind of sauce? It was a big roast and there's a lot left, too much to waste.

    Any ideas?
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    I'd try to shred it and put it in scrambled eggs...or chili.

    Or feed it to the dog.
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      If you have dogs you could always give it to them lol! Seriously though, what about taking the meat that isn't burnt and possibly making a hash with some veggies and eggs and trying that for breakfast?


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        Throw it in a crock pot with liquid (broth, etc.) Give it long enough and it'll break down and be useable again.
        Is it pullable? If it is, shred it and use it like brisket.
        Run it through the food processor, add it to a clafouti or quiche or treat as cooked ground beast.
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          Were you watching Arn? i just watched that on Monday on netflix...

          I'd definitely recommend low on the crockpot with broth... see if you can soften it up a bit, maybe make stew by adding veggies?
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            Yes, cut it up into very small cubes, crockpot it or cook in oven on low for hours. I'd suggest something acidic in the broth like vinegar or wine. I've rescued a couple of shoe-leather roasts this way and the stews turned out awesome.

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              Originally posted by Minxxa View Post
              Were you watching Arn? i just watched that on Monday on netflix...

              Hmmmmmmmm. Thinking about a combination of methods mentioned here. I have some enchilada sauce. Maybe I could shred/chop the meat and toss it in the crock pot to cook down with the sauce for a while, and then use in mexi dishes. Thanks guys!
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                I just wanted to offer my condolences.

                I hope you can rescue the roast beast.


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                  Yep - I'd throw large chunks of it in the stockpot with water and some garlic powder, onion salt, cayenne pepper, cumin and smoked chipotle powder. Then I'd simmer it for a couple hours until you can pull it apart. Then serve it on top of sautee'd peppers and onions with guacamole, black olives, jalapenos, green chile and salsa on the side. I often add a bunch of spinach right at the end of cooking. Tasty!! It's one of my husband's favorites.


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                    I slow cooked it in half enchilada sauce, half salsa, with added garlic, onion, and pimenton! It's super tasty now, and I have enough for dinner tonight and a killer omelet in the morning. Thanks guys!
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                      Run through food processor with a little garlic and green onion and mix with enough 1/2 butter, 1/2 cream cheese blend to make a very stiff paste. Voilá, paté. Garnish with cauliflower chunks and chopped parsley. Dip with celery sticks, etc.


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                        Bet the slow cooked enchilada sauce and salsa was better, though.