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    Anyone subscribe to the Clean Eating mag?
    I was getting it prior to finding the PB. I figured a number of recipes would carry over, so I kept my sub.
    The Feb. issue has a quick blurb on low fat v.s. low carb. Guess which was better? Go Primal

    They also had a tid bit on vitamin D and the possibility of Pretty hard to do. The author consumes 10,000 I.U. a day even though most would recommend less.

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    I get it. Well actually this month was my last issue as I chose not the renew. They still recommend a lot of grains, but the article was interesting.


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      they advocate lots of grains (whole wheat, oatmeal etc) and i think, in all the time i've read oxygen mag (parent mag) and the handful of clean eating magazines, maybe 2 recipes didn't have flour products or grains/beans etc

      if you like it, that's great. but if you're thinking of converting the recipes then it'll take a lot of converting and would just be cheaper to find recipes online
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        I don't plan on resubbing ( my sis gave me this last sub before we went primal). There are a number of meat recipes that are usable. This month there is a bernaise sauce, brownies, and pork chop breakfast.

        I just thought the tid bits that supported something closer to primal was cool. The rest of it is still very CW.
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          I have Toscas books and I had subscribed for a bit, I actually just picked up the magazine yesterday because it looked like there were some interesting recipes in there. I'm a recipe junkie.

          Someone should start a website of just primal recipes because I get tired of surfing/searching for new stuff.
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            I still get the Living Without magazine for people who're avoiding gluten or other allergens. I think the next one will be the last in the subscription. I'm not going to renew it since almost every recipe in it is for baking with a special blend of flours.
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