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stress + lack of sleep = hungrier?

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  • stress + lack of sleep = hungrier?

    Is this just me?
    I admit to dealing with a very un-grokish amount of stress the last few months. And to having gone to bed stupidly late the last couple of nights.

    Normally, skipping breakfast is my chosen path. Or rather, eating a piece of fruit half an hour before lunch is "breakfast".

    When abusing your body, does anyone else find themselves hungrier than normal?

    Obviously, I'm not losing weight with my stress in overdrive (frustrating, as I'm still eating almost completely primally). I feel like I've got cortisol running through my veins and not blood, anymore. :P

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    Nah, I get that too. It's kinda like you're running on fumes and not getting enough sleep just ran your tank dry.
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      I definitely have the same experience -- even a few days' stress and a late night will do it for me. Have to hide the macadamia nuts, haha.


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        Sleep deprivation messes with your satiety hormones. If I haven't slept enough, I can't stop eating!


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          In my experience stress or lack of sleep (or the combo of the two) often leads to a decline in my eating habits. Commonly this means eating more often, eating larger portions, and/or eating less healthy foods.


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            Absolutely. That's how I got into the position of needing some serious lifestyle mod in the first place. Finishing dissertation + personal stress -> lack of sleep and huge sugar cravings. Once my wife woke up in the middle of the night to find me baking peanut butter cookies. She was not amused.
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              I find this to be totally true with me too. In fact I am going through a bout of it myself. I remember reading a CW sourced article/study years ago that tied lack of sleep and higher stress with sugar cravings. And I think that I remember Mark blogging about something similar (or if it wasn't Mark it was another paleo/primal blogger). It seems to me that CW and Paleo, agree on the following equation:

              high stress + lack of proper rest = bad food choices


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                Well, that actually makes me feel a bit better about the rather larger than normal number of kalamata olives I just obsessively ate. I'm busy working, and my mind is wandering, thinking about the candy machine downstairs with snickers in it.
                The closest to candy I've had so far this year is some cinnamon roasted almonds (yum!), and never more than a few of those, even!
                I keep emergency gluten free cookie mix in my apartment. I may have to hide that from myself.

                I'm so tired!


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                  There is actually research that confirms this. I'll fish around and see if I can find some citations. It's related to the whole thing of high cortisol tipping the metabolism toward fat accumulation.


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                    Here's one on stress and hunger : ""

                    Here's another: ""

                    Sleep loss and hunger: ""
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                      I've dealt with this quite a bit too. I try to plan for it, if I know something big is coming up, and make a whole bunch of extra food and freeze it, or buy a whole bunch of food that can be cooked super fast (i.e., something that doesn't need to be defrosted for a long time or can be cooked from frozen--such as bacon, some cuts of fish, etc). If you find a great deal on some awesome produce or meat and want to prepare it that night, purposely overcook it and freeze it! You'll be grateful when the time comes, when you're super stressed and it's pizza or a good home cooked meal that only needs some time in the oven. Pizza will cost you another $20 and make you feel like crap, and the home cooked meal is already paid for and you'll feel waaaay better during the stressful period.
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