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old habits die hard!

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  • old habits die hard!

    Hi all,

    Have now been PB for 8 days and am loving it. I just wanted to see if anyone else was having similar experiences to me.

    I had a wonderful breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon and then at break time at work, even though I was not hungry I ate... it seems to me that it is habit and now I feel over full and wondering why I did it!

    I think having eaten rubbish at 10.30 for 7 years, having a snack at break time is ingrained in me!

    Just confused - perhaps i need to to not go to the staff room?!

    any newbies having the same problem?


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    Not a newbie, but I still have that sometimes; I think it all boils down to learning to listen to your "stomach" hunger over your "mouth" hunger.
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      It might not even be "stomach" hunger, it might just be habit, or boredom. When I worked a desk job, I wanted to snack all day long just because I was so bored. I ended up packing my lunch in two smaller portions because I'd cave and start eating it mid-morning and then be hungry by mid-afternoon. It's easier now because I don't stay in one spot all day, I'm always on the go, so that habit was easy to break.


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        If you feel like you may not be able to resist those snack times while you are getting started with this WOE, then I would cook up an extra piece of bacon or 2 at breakfast and make that your mid-morning snack. Snacking was difficult for me to overcome, and I found that setting small goals worked well, like deciding that I would not have a mid morning snack THIS week. By the time I got to the next week, the habit had already begun to disappear.

        Maybe finding another activity to associate with the staff room would be a good idea, like having a special tea that you get to enjoy while you are in there during break time.
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          I find the best way to distinguish between real hunger and boredom hunger is to take a short walk -- 5 minutes will do. Head outside and walk around your building or up the street. When you come back, if you're still hungry, then eat a bit. Chances are you won't be, though.

          I still get "phantom hunger" semi-regularly and I'm a few months into PB. I just walk around the block or jump on the exercise bike for an easy 5 min if I'm at home, or I go up and down the stairwell if I'm at work. Then I reassess. I'm usually not hungry after, which means it was just old habits poking me.
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            I definitely had the problem of wanting to snack out of desk job boredom for a while -- found that having no snacks around (or just a little tin of nuts) helps, although that doesn't stop people from leaving treats out in the break room. (Luckily most of the treats my coworkers bring in are pretty unappetizing, especially from a primal POV.)

            Second the suggestion of tea, too -- I have a cup or two mid-morning every day and don't reach for a snack anymore.


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              Psycho-hunger, as I like to call it, is still an issue for me, and I'm 5 months into my attempt at the diet. Don't sweat a cave-in now and then. Sometimes your desire to eat something tasty for tastiness's sake will just be too strong.


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                Dunno varies whether or not I have them. A piece of fruit or a raw carrot generally stop it for me.


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                  i agree about the walking. i do that at work too. it's nice to take a five minute walk. today's walk included personal vindication. success is the best-est revenge! "whazzup, B, i'm succeeding and you look like crap. too bad for ya!" that made todays jaunt particularly nice.


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                    Originally posted by katydid317 View Post
                    It might not even be "stomach" hunger, it might just be habit, or boredom. When I worked a desk job, I wanted to snack all day long just because I was so bored.
                    Agree. And I also find that if I'm facing a horrible/difficult job at my desk which I really don't want to do, I seriously get the "munchies" and just wander off to the tearoom looking for ... well, what do I think I'm going to find? Crappy non-Primal snacks which don't satisfy, and (amazingly enough) don't make the nasty files on my desk magically disappear. I have to remind myself that the "need" to eat is all in my head, and I what I really need is to bite the bullet and DO what has to be done. Eating ain't gonna fix it.
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                      thanks everyone that is all really helpful and its good to know it is not just me!

                      I bought myself some delicious ginger tea so will try that at break today


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                        I startered work at a place about 4 years ago where there was always food sitting around and then last year we hired a new secretary who is a food pusher, always bringing a pastry or a taco in for us in the morning. Add a heaping serving of job and other stress and I went from a size 4 to a size 12. I think snacking can be a really bad habit to get into and CW insists we need all these snacks and meals. Right before I started primal I read Mastering Leptin by Byron Richards and he suggests 5 to 6 hours between meals and no snacking to keep our hormones in check so that we don't eat everything in sight. It worked magically for me and drastically cut down on my cravings. Now that I"m primal I snack a little more but I do think that if grazing is a problem for us that cutting out the snacking for a while can help. We are not going to starve between meals. Really we aren't. Most people on primal can get through a long period of time, even more than the 5 or 6 hours with no probs. I used to be on a blood sugar roller coaster and now I can easily delay a meal and still feel fine.
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                          I find the more often i eat, the more often i want to eat. what works for me (and it 's only been a month) is making sure i eat a enough fat for breakfast ( which is usually around 11am) and then good til around 4 or 5 then eat something to tide me over til dinner and then eat dinner by 8 and generally try to stop eating by then. some days this works more than others but i find the less often i eat the better i feel.


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                            Just finished the DVD lecture seiries by Ar Devany, he encourages going through a few hunger pains, as it's healthy and reminds you of the cell regeneration going on. I've learned to take a certain amount of pride in it, during my fasting, beause I know the plan is working. Having said that, I do carry walnuts, almonds and some fruit with me to work when I become overwhelmed with the hunger pains.