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  • Interesting online protein/fat calculator

    Here is a very interesting online calculator to dtermine protein and fat requirements based on weight, height, age, exercise and carb intake:

    The author states that after a couple of weeks on a ketogenic diet protein needs drops significantly as the body adjusts which accounts for stalls. He cites pretty extensive references.

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    Seems interesting and probably correct.


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      Huh....then why did it calculate that I need a whopping 187 g of protein in order to maintain my muscle mass? I only weight 118. Am I crazy or is the calculator that is wrong?

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        It told me I needed over 200g of protein which is absolutely ridiculous. I weigh 125 pounds.


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          and i only need 44g....@()Q$^*)Q@$(^)Q@($*^)Q@$Q@ i eat like 5 times that lol
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            That calculator seemed odd to me. Gave me crazy low maintenance calories....I probably eat that for breakfast It made me hungry just looking at the number!

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              People's results are very interesting. I tried it for me and it seemed very reasonable. I'm 5'4 and it suggested 1785 calories and 83g of protein. I usually eat about 100g, but I don't think 83g is too low.


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                The calculator seems to be based on the number of carbs you input. The higher carb count, the lower protein count, when I played with it.
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                  Hmmmm...didn't make sense to me when I did it. Personally, I wouldn't use any calculator except my own trial and error to see what ratios work best for me.
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                    From my tinkering, the biggest jump in numbers occurs if you put in <3 weeks vs. >3weeks. Mine went from 192g protein for <3 weeks, to 89g for >3 weeks.
                    After three weeks on a ketogenic diet, the brain requires much less glucose because it switches over to burning some ketones. So the protein required to supplement your low carbohydrate intake drops dramatically. That is why the calculator asks you how many weeks you have been on a ketogenic diet.

                    What I can't figure out, is if the calories/day recommended are net after exercise, or gross with exercise factored in (i.e. the exercise increases your average metaboliic rate but you still need to increase your intake to offset the actual exercise). I am assuming Net.


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                      Is the author stating that after 3+ weeks on a ketogenic diet your body is much more adapt and efficient at converting proteins to ketones so it can produce more with less? Otherwise I'd assume it's important to keep your protein intake at 1g per lb of body weight to make sure you are maintaining muscle mass.

                      Also - for people that are physically active; on some days you'll be lifting much more than others thus needing a much higher protein intake that day. This makes sense to me as an overall requirement though.


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                        The numbers it gave me are very reasonable.
                        Since I would never eat a zero carb diet (no veggies! I think not!), I used 50g as my carb amount.
                        I'm 5'4", female, 135lbs and preform light exercise.
                        It gave me
                        1820 calories
                        50 grams carbs
                        150 grams protein
                        115g fat

                        Totally reasonable.

                        I've read Lyle McDonald's "Ketogenic Diet". In it, he also prescribes a higher protein amount when first starting on a ketogenic diet, but lowering to 1g/lb LBM afterwards.

                        Also, on the bottom of the page with your numbers it says this following:
                        "This calculator calculates your protein requirement based on the assumption that your brain needs 110 grams of carbohydrate during the first three weeks of a low carbohydrate diet and 50 grams after that. This is a generous estimate erring on the side of caution."

                        I believe the calories/day recommendation are total calories/day meaning, they include exercise calories- though I could be wrong. What they don't include, however, are calories burned through lifestyle, occupation and/or NEAT which will vary largely from person to person.
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                          I got what seemed reasonable, but only after the furst three weeks. Before was very high.


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                            Mine was pretty decent too, and i even tried it with 100 grams of carb.

                            Your Height: 66 inches
                            Your Current Weight: 158 pounds

                            Your Age: 34

                            Your Gender: Female

                            Your Activity Level: Heavy Exercise 3 - 5 Times a Week

                            Your Calculated Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR): 1,434

                            Activity Factor Used to Compute Activity Calories from BMR: 1.55

                            TO MAINTAIN YOUR CURRENT WEIGHT:
                            To maintain your body weight eat 2,223 calories.

                            You have decided to eat 100 grams of carbohydrate a day.

                            To avoid loss of muscle mass you must eat 93 grams of high quality protein each day. This can be found in 15.5 ounces of meat, eggs, or hard cheese.

                            Round out your diet with 161 grams of fat.

                            TO LOSE WEIGHT:
                            To lose a pound a week safely decrease your daily intake to 1,723 calories.

                            You have decided to eat 100 grams of carbohydrate a day. To avoid loss of lean muscle mass you must eat 93 grams of high quality protein each day. This can be found in 15.5 ounces of meat, eggs, or hard cheese.

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