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  • Analyze (gently)

    2 eggs
    baby carrots

    big green salad
    turkey sausage w/ 1 egg

    mixed nuts
    3oz chicken breast
    1oz red peppers

    3 eggs
    1oz cheddar cheese
    baby carrots
    1oz dark chocolate

    According to FitDay, that's 1421 calories. 53% from fat, 28% from protein and 19% from carbs
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    Seems a little low on diversity....eggs 3 times, carrots twice. And (if you're hoping for weight loss) maybe high on carbs and low on fat?

    What are your goals? Are you making progress toward them?

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      My goals for this year are to lose fat and build muscle. I lost 25 pounds in 2010 and wouldn't mind losing another 10. More important than weight loss is changing my body composition.

      Good point about the diversity. I'm making the change from a grain-heavy diet and need to figure out more things to eat.
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        Chicken breast is like the white rice of meats; it's not very nutritious and is just high in protein. "Turkey sausage" isn't far behind. Get some liver in there, as well as other organ meats if you can, like heart and kidneys. Cook up a roast every now and then.

        If you want to lose those last 10 pounds, you might have to ditch the cheese entirely.

        What's in your BAS?

        Like lizch said, more variety.
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          For Breakfast, ditch the carrots, fry the eggs in a lot of fat (that you also eat) and top them with a generous handful of fresh herbs (your pick).

          Lunch looks nice and not too shabby depending on what's specifically in the salad or how flavorful your dressing is.

          For the Snack just make sure that the nuts don't become a regular part of your diet, they're best of one of those rare occasion items. I don't think I've eaten chicken breast in the past 6 months, it's way too lean for my tastes and all of the flavor is in the hind quarters anyways but for snack purposes it's probably not a bad idea. Other options include beef jerky, avocados or sometimes I'll just pop open a can of coconut milk and season it with one or more spices and drink it like it was melted icecream. That would help get your fat content up higher.

          For dinner explore the other less often cuts of meats or some seafood (especially some of the fatter fish like wild salmon. Expand out to the alternative cuts of meats like shank cuts (EAT THE MARROW!!!), chicken thighs and legs (EAT THE MARROW!!!!), hearts, livers, gizzards, or less odd but amazingly delicious skirt steaks, this will provide you with a lot of extra nutrients you don't find in the more tasteless mainstream cuts like chicken breast or beef tenderloin (why anyone pays extra for one of the least flavorful cuts off a cow is beyond me) and it will also help you save loads of money as the odd cuts normally cost a fraction of the major cuts.

          If you're aiming for ketosis in the diet then you'll need to hit the magic 65% mark of total energy from fat and actually the closer to 70% the better. Many of the off cuts of meat will provide more fat per serving which helps but also search for other ways to consumes fats. It's awkward at first but after a while you get so used to it that you'll start eating fats by the spoonful.... or maybe that's just me.
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            Grass-fed hamburger is the mainstay of my diet, along with buffalo burgers, bacon, cheese, chicken liver paté, lambs liver, chicken, fish and of course my daily breakfast eggs.
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              I would aim for a much bigger breakfast. Two eggs and carrots is only like 200cal or so? And 12g protein? Try to throw in some ham, bacon, sausage, butter, etc. Or do a shake with coconut milk (the real canned stuff) or whatever. Should bump up the fat and then you'll have more energy to go through the day vs. back-loading your cals with a big dinner and just sleeping on it. I've been working on this and it's already "feeling" better.


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                I agree to switch to dark meat with the chicken, and try not to over do the nuts. Everything else looks good to me.

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                  a whole chicken that you roast costs less and is more useful over time. that is, i find that i can have chicken for dinner (all hot and roasty) and then the next day use the left overs to make a nice chicken salad (with mayo!). i eat eggs only for breakfast at this point, and rotate through vegetables. i'm learning the seasonal ones here and trying to figure it out, to be honest.

                  we eat venison, pork, beef, chicken, and some fish. fish is surprisingly expensive for an island nation. but, we buy it fresh off the boat, which is nice. perhaps someday we will actually fish. we get a lot of roasts and minces, chicken pieces (cheaper than whole chickens here), and some sausages. of course, bacon as well. we haven't moved into organ meats yet; i'm still a recovering vegetarian.

                  i'm asking the farm if they can "mince" some organs for me (heart, liver, and kidney), and then i can mix it with the mince we have to make meatballs or patties or loaves. then it's sort of "hidden.


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                    Need more fat, less carrots. Add bacon, sausage.


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                      According to nutritiondata, a 15g baby carrot has 1g carbs. NOTHING wrong with these. Imo eat more fatty meat and more red meat. Calories seem low.


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                        Where are the vegetables? Fruit? Have you seen the Primal food pyramid?

                        Add coconut oil, and lots of it. It burns fat/boosts metabolism, is anti-inflammatory, makes you look young, heals the gut, etc., etc.
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                          Carrots are pretty sweet - ditch those in addition to the cheese. Switch to broccoli, kale, etc.
                          Do you like avocado?
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                            I do like avocado; I need to pick some up.

                            Where can I find this primal food pyramid?
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