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Does it take a few weeks to adjust?

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  • Does it take a few weeks to adjust?

    Hello All,

    I've been eating primal for two weeks as of today. I'm 6'2 and started off at 200 lbs, approximately 15-17% body fat. After the first week I was down to 197 lbs and I just weight myself at 198. I've eliminated all grains and eat mostly meat and eggs with a few vegetables here and there...very little dairy and few fruits. I think my carb intake has been about 40-70g a day. This past week I've significantly upped my protein intake from roughly 60g a day to about 150g. I lift a few times per week along with recent sprints and low level cardio. I think my body is just now starting to get used to using fat for fuel because I've been eating a ton of meat during the day which I could never stomach before. I also did bicep curls tonight and was able to do an extra ten pounds with three more sets than about more strength!

    Can I most likely attribute that added pound to gaining muscle mass? I know it's early and I shouldn't be concerned over one pound but I just really want to make sure I'm leaning down as well. What do you all think?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Probably muscle mass, but the most important thing is:

    How do you feel? When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Scales aren't much help, I've found. It's too easy to fluctuate, especially if you're close to your ideal body weight, because adding more muscle mass could mean an increase in weight from there (or as you strive to get there).
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      True, that makes sense. I definitely see a little more definition when I look in the mirror and some of the belly fat is starting to disappear. I think I'm just getting a little anxious to see great results because I want to prove my skeptical girlfriend and coworkers wrong!

      I'm thinking I'll probably completely cut out fruits, nuts, and all dairy except for heavy cream in my coffee to try to accelerate the fat burning a bit.


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        Hi all,

        Sorry if this is a stupid question but i feel i have to ask it!
        I have been PB for 8 days now and i'm feeling good - my wheat belly is disappearing
        I am hoping to lose about a stone before my wedding in September, so i have some time to play with but i am a little confused about dairy, fruit and nuts.
        Should i cut out all three to lose weight or is a little of each ok? At the moment i am probably eating one piece of fruit, a small handful of nuts and a small piece of cheese. Is this too much?

        thanks in advance for any replies


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          Hi Lee,

          Here is a very interesting online calculator to determine protein and fat requirements based on weight, height, age, exercise and carb intake:

          The author states that after a couple of weeks on a ketogenic diet protein needs drops significantly as the body adjusts which accounts for stalls. He cites pretty extensive references.


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            For myself, I'm recording my weight once a month. If the scales don't go down (or go up!) I will cut out fruit, nuts OR dairy for the next month and see where I am the following month. In December I lost eight pounds. So far this month I may have gained (or lost!) one depending on what day it is. Meaning, no weight loss at all! BUT I look better in the mirror. This is a hard diet for women who have been brainwashed by the scale!


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              thanks Psychicinlove that sounds like a very sensible way to think about things. My diet before i started PB was really really bad. Cutting out coffee, sugar and grains was not too bad, i think nuts may be the next step.
              Dam the brainwashers!


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                To the OP,

                As Patrick said use a mirror, pant size, belt notches to gauge progress, as well as how you feel. Weight fluctuations can be from water, fat, or muscle and using only the scale won't tell you much.

                For micro-nutrient intake I suggest bumping your veg intake from "a few" to PLATE-fulls. Like Mark said, you should be committed to the ruthless slaughter of plants (and animals, but I think you've got that part down).