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What do you eat when you're sick?

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  • What do you eat when you're sick?

    Woke up with a cold this morning and not sure I'll be able to stomach my normal PB meals. I did manage some scrambled eggs in coconut oil and I'm having some tea right now. Thank goodness I have some chicken soup in the freezer so I put that out to defrost and will eat them when I'm hungry. I just have no idea what will sound good for dinner. I'm not sure if my BAS will be in the cards today.

    I think this cold is from lack of sleep since I'm the only one sick in the house and I normally only get something if my son is sick. I think my body is rebelling.

    What primal foods do you eat when you're sick?

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    Soup, soup, and more soup (sounds like you're already on that). What about some roasted veggies instead of your BAS? The warmth, texture, and flavor is appealing with a cold.
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      Just what you had--scrambled eggs and my homemade soup. I try to keep servings of soup in the freezer all the time. And lots and lots of tea for hydration.

      If I happen to have GI upsets (virus), I'll usually just have tea and fast from food because a doctor once told me that's the best thing to do--just stay hydrated.


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        Generally, when I feel sick, my stomach gets weird so I eat what feels good (and don't care about macro nutrient ratios). Last night I was sick with a SUPER bad sore throat, I drank tons of bone broth and made this primal coconut apple pudding (but I ate it hot) and some apple sauce I had on hand. If I'd had coconut water, I would have had plenty of that too. Mmmm! When a sore throat isn't an issue, like the others, I eat lots of soup.

        Feel better soon!


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          I'm with jqbancroft - go with what feels good at the moment. Don't try to plan 12 hours in advance when you're sick.
          That said, in addition to teas and soups, I tend to also like cooked fruit with cinnamon and butter. Like heat up some frozen berries and a banana in a frying pan with butter and put on some cinnamon. Comfort food for me.


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            If you're not hungry then don't eat. Fasting is a good way of getting rid of colds quickly. Look at animals and children- they don't want to eat when they're sick. There's a reason for this but CW tells us it isn't healthy to skip meals.


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              I make a lot of Chicken soup and sleep a lot.
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                Originally posted by Moochy View Post
                I make a lot of Chicken soup and sleep a lot.
                Luckily I have tons of chicken soup in the freezer but the sleep thing is a challenge since I have a three year old in the house and he doesn't nap.

                I'm only planning to eat when hungry and right now just trying to drink tea and water.


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                  Been sick here, too, and having the same questions. Am only getting my appetite back slowly. Aside from fresh organic oranges, I stayed away from all sugar sources -- sweets and starches and milk.


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                    homemade chicken soup. something i do with mine...i leave the bones from the carcass in it the entire time. even when in the freezer. i want every drop of nutrient from those bones that i can get.

                    just be careful when eating. lol.
                    Even if you fall flat on your face, at least you're moving forward!


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                      soup as mentioned. Spaghetti squash w/butter & cinnamon. Custards. I make one of coconut milk, cream and a bit of plain gelatin to keep it together that is lovely cold if your throat is bothering you.
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                        I'm new, so may not have the right answers, but I do have suggestions.

                        Bolthouse Farms makes a great tasting pure fruit smoothie called C-Boost. It has 1200% vitamin c. It might be high carb, but it will help with your cold I think, especially if you're not opposed to fruit.

                        Lots of soup! However, if you're not hungry, why eat?
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                          Soup! I make a big pot of soup with chicken broth and coconut milk as the base, then add veggies and meat to your taste. I like fish and shrimp more for when I'm sick. Thankfully it doesn't happen often!


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                            Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I had some soup, some roasted butternut squash and also some coconut milk smoothies.

                            I'm still a bit sick, but I had such a sweets craving with this cold. So odd and I'm now back on track although my sinuses are still killing me. Hopefully I'll be recovered by the end of the weekend!


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                              Chicken broth, scrambled eggs, low carb toast (Julian Smart Carb bread), or just selzer water if food is too much.r
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