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Sore throat and achy upper back

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  • Sore throat and achy upper back

    Just developed a sore throat, not sure if its from starting to eat dairy recently or due to the weather. I am susceptible to changes in weather and now that I'm thinner than I used to be, I have less insulation as well. Can't tolerate the cold as well. I made some chicken soup stock recently which I will probably eat for brunch. Just wondering what else I can do to keep the throat from hurting too much. Wakes me up at night and when I sleep during the day. Just took a Sambucol losenge which helped a bit.

    Also an old pain in the center of my upper back is well back. I used to have it more when I was pre paleo, but it never truely disappeared. Its not due to magnesium I think, since i take that daily in the morning now. Perhaps I should up my vitamin D to 15000 ui or 3 pills daily. Its also not related to posture either since it can appear just when I lie down.
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