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  • Intermittent Fasting Question

    I did a search on the whole forum but didn't really find an answer to my question so here goes:

    I am on day 7 of PB. I have heard from many posts on the forum here that IF is something more advanced and should be done once the nutrition and diet portions are on solid ground. However, the PB also says don't eat if you're not hungry.

    So here I am on day 7 and my last meal was yesterday around 12 and then a handful of nuts probably around 4pm. So its been 26 hours since my last meal and about 22 since any food went in my mouth. When I woke up this morning I was super pumped to make an awesome breakfast but I'm just not hungry. No pangs, no nothing. I could eat, I'm sure, but was wondering if its better to not eat if I'm not hungry.

    How long should I go with this? I went for a long walk today and still don't feel any desire to eat.

    Has this happened to anyone so early on? Should I wait it out?
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    If you ain't hungry, don't eat. That said, not everyone feels hunger in their stomach. Everyone has different hunger triggers, from becoming an utter grouch, to a headache, to grumbly stomach. If you're feeling/ noticing YOUR hunger symptom, eat. If food sounds like a good idea, and it's not boredom/ time of day related, eat. If food sounds like a good idea, but the thought of eating doesn't sound too appetizing, wait. You get the idea.
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      Thanks. I don't feel grouchy, although I'm just home alone with my dogs, no grumbly stomach or anything out of the ordinary. I feel great, just no desire to eat. I guess I'll keep fasting until I'm ready to eat!
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        I've done several water fasts and sometimes it is easier, other times I have to just plow through the first couple days. Take this as some good luck. I suspect the amount of stress we are having can make all sorts of efforts harder or easier.
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          Stay hydrated for sure. The hunger will come.


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            That's awesome you have that level of satiety so soon in your PB journey. Keep it up but just don't overdo it since you are still within your first 30 days.
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              There we go... I knew I'd get hungry eventually! Thanks for the feedback though, next time this happens I'll just ride it out. Now for a nice steak and salad.
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                Originally posted by prairiedog View Post
                There we go... I knew I'd get hungry eventually! Thanks for the feedback though, next time this happens I'll just ride it out. Now for a nice steak and salad.
                Not bad! I started IF with a 24 hour fast (6pm to 6pm) and found that having a PB background (and a very busy job) really eased it and made it super easy for me, beyond 24hours though and I get pretty hungry! Sometimes it's just easier to re-tune my food impulses and clear out the cobwebs and clear my head without food. Like taking a break from food decisions for a day or so! Welcome! I couldn't have done a fast so soon in my journey. You're a trooper!


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                  IF needs to be exactly that, intermittent and random. Some people implement this via an eating window (lunch & dinner but no breakfast), other people just select a meal at random to skip depending on their schedules. Find a meal to skip which works for you.

                  Skipping an ENTIRE day of eating is more intensive and you might feel less inclined to exercise after 48 hours. Stay hydrated at all times drinking only water, plain tea or plain coffee.

                  I would suggest to fast a day at most, then re-feed to satiety. See how you feel.
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                    I agree primalpilgrim. When I first started IF, I just used a feeding window of say 12pm to 8pm. Now, I just make it random. Some days I don't eat until almost 4-5pm. Other days I might eat at 10am. I might have one meal, or maybe three meals.


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                      I've been primal since November 1st (when I stopped grains altogether) and recently added in Intermittent Fasting for 24 hours one or two days a week a la Eat Stop Eat and its been a real easy transition. I was skeptical at first but found I can go a minimum of 24 hours on just tea and water and still feel good working out. I plan on continuing the fasting this whole year.