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  • Appendix

    I just had my appendix out 2 day ago.......... hindsight I'm disappointed that I had to have it out. It wasn't ulcerated, just inflamed. But by the end of the day, the pain and just the day events had been too much and I went with the decision to take it out.
    So my question is, what now? does any one have any advice on life without an appendix? it seems CW says there isnt much change in diet. but surely the appendix did something?
    I cant say I am 100% primal, I do limit grains and legumes( and try to prepare them the Weston Price way), but it does so happen the night that my appendix attack happened was after eating pinto bean (soaked 24hrs) and ham soup.

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    being appendix-less shouldn't really change anything for you. it's pretty useless. i had mine out about 12 years ago...the only change it created was a scar.


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      Actually, the appendix is thought to be the home of your body's own "stater culture" for gut bacteria... so maybe avoid antibiotics?


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        I been reading more at it seems that those who do have their appendix have a greater chance of survival if they get sick or have infection because of the culture in the appendix. So it would seem to me I would have to up the probiotics more than others.


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          I've heard that the appendix was to help deal with plant food and appendicitis was caused by eating too much plant food that overwhelmed the appendix. I think the appendix released a starter culture for bacteria as someone said above and this was for breaking done complicated plant matter that our bodies couldn't otherwise digest. Not sure how accurate this is.
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