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  • Bizarre cravings

    Hi all,

    I've been on a pretty tight primal programme for over three years now - strictly no grain, reduced to now nigh on zero dairy and lots of green leafy things, healthy fats, meat and eggs. So far so good.

    Recently though I've been having immensely strange cravings [today I saw myself looking longingly at - of all things - Bran Flakes in the supermarket] for decidedly un-primal foodstuffs.

    Is this natural? Is my body attempting to tell me to eat certain things? I know from my diet I get pretty much all my v&m's that I require...

    I wouldn't mind, but I've never really liked Bran Flakes anyway...


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    What about it appealed to you? Was it the sweetness? The Crunch? Having something with milk on top?

    What drew you to them may be the clue to your craving. There are some nice grain-free granola recipes around if you fancy a bowl of cereal and milk
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      Weirdly none of the above...

      I'd literally just had scrambled eggs with bacon twenty minutes earlier so I wasn't hungry; but the cereal was just saying "eat me". I bought one of those mini individual serving boxes, got home, ate about three flakes and felt sated. Very strange. I'm wondering whether the stress I've been under at work recently could have contributed to this, but it seems odd I'd turn to things I never really enjoyed in the first place.


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        Sometimes the grass just seems greener on the other side, I think it's part of human nature to sometimes crave things that aren't good for us, or seem like a novelty.


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          The ads and packaging are designed to make you want it - someone paid good money for you to crave these things
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            Nope, I'm a graphic designer and [like to think] impervious to the nice pretty boxes. I often crave very very primal stuff [macadamias, cheese, bacon, duh] but this was something more, something that gnawed. Still; a slight flirtation and it's gone again..until next time. :/


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              I know from my diet I get pretty much all my v&m's that I require...
              Unlikely, given the largely depleted agricultural soils that are being farmed--even many of the organic farms.
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                I wonder if your body is telling you that it needs a little more primal carb and something became garbled in the transmission?
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