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Benefits of Fructose?

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  • Benefits of Fructose?

    This is a serious question. Because of the power of the media, we see the bad ones... again and again and again. In health circles, virtually every health circle other than Frugarians, Sugar and Fructose are villanized.

    Yet people zealously defend the last bit of fruit in their diet like im suggesting to the pope that god does not exist(which I will gladly do given the chance)

    Obviously the opinions of the HFCS producers over at Sweet Surprise should be ignored, but barring them, where are the positive studies, fructose is great for X. Fructose prevents Y. We NEED fructose for Z.

    I understand that in very limited quantities, fructose is used preferentially to restore liver glycogen, but after that, it only causes AGE production among other presumed issues.

    I say presumed, because every study done is flawed in some way and want to avoid the pure semantic arguments to focus on our health instead.

    Princeton Rat Study: Fructose associated with Weight Gain =

    UCLA Test Tube, (not in human) and therefore flawed study of Fructose/Cancer Cells. =

    U of FL, Fructose inhibits Leptin.=

    U of CA, Fructose and Uric Acid/Gout

    USCF : Lustig, best summed up his works with, Sugar: The Bitter Truth

    U of CA/Davis: Fructose and Diabetes

    U of Colorado/Denver: Fructose and Blood Pressure...

    Hepatology, a journal of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (AASLD).: Fructose and Liver Disease.

    Journal Clinical Investigation: dyslipidemia and insulin resistance caused by Fructose:

    U of Colorado/Dept of Nephrology(Mexico) hypertension, renal inflammation, and tubulointerstitial injury from Fructose:

    U of CA/Davis: Fructose and Belly Fat:

    Fructose and IBS:

    I havent read thru all of these studies. I am merely posting a quick summary of whats found in the first 5 pages of a google search for Fructose studies.(I did not post the following 20 pages which contain many many more negative studies and not 1 singular positive one) I have attempted to find any studies that found positive benefits of fructose, yet most of the studies above, even while many are animal, in vitro, or otherwise flawed, are repeated over and over again. No matter where you seem to look, all of the information is negative and scientifically biased AGAINST fructose.

    Even HFCS industry, and "Sweet Surprise" is limited to, HFCS is no worse than standard sugar.... With their untold fortunes, even they cannot come up with positives for fructose.

    I eat alot of flack for fully speaking up against fructose, so im laying out the gauntlet. Educate me. Educate Us, show us the SCIENCE, not opinion of how fructose is good.

    Dont simply try to tear apart all of the bad studies. That only proves that youre good at dissembling studies. Show us SCIENCE where fructose is actually good above a very minimal amount.

    I would LOVE to find that larger amounts of fructose are good for me and not going to hurt me in the LONG run. The Science I can find, ALL of the science I can find says otherwise above a very small quantity.

    A study showing positives of fruit, does not make FRUCTOSE good either, it simply shows that the other beneficial chemicals, nutrients etc are beneficial, the problem with that argument, is that ALL of those compounds vital for life are available thru non fructose pathways.

    Sway us with Science, not just opinion.

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    Usually the argument pro fruit is its OMG PACKED WITH ANTIOXIDANTS AND VITAMINS!! Like you cant get that elsewhere :P


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      Carbohydrates aren't essential nutrients, and thus fructose isn't either. Having glycogen stores in the liver isn't a bad thing. It limits gluconeogenesis which is the breakdown of amino acids into glucose, and requires higher levels of cortisol. Fructose also increases glucose uptake to the muscles (does this simply happen because the liver doesn't need any more glucose? Could be but haven't researched it).


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        Context and dosage as Alan Aragon & Lyle McDonald would say, is a good place to start. Is od'ing on sugar bet ya and funny enough studies even support that thruth, otherwise?
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          Eating a piece of fruit is not equivalent to eating a ball of fructose.


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            fruit has fructose but is a natural form that we evolved eating - plus it taste good and is not a grain - I eat fruit both pre and post work out while all the other lifters I know scarf down oats, waxy maize and some actually put strait table sugar in there drinks to get the desired post workout insulin spike.

            I think your studies all focus on processed fructose and not fruit - not even gonna pretend to read them all though.
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              if you read the post, youd have read that you arent supposed to read any of them.

              Im looking for scientific backing for why fructose is ok,

              is it dose dependent?

              I want studies not broscience.


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                Ouch - sorry about the bro science man - your right that's exactly what it was.

                But are you asking about fructose or fruit - while fruit has fructose it is not pure concentrated fructose like in the studies.You will not find any studies that will back fructose - and I think you knew that before you made your post. Asking one to prove that fruit is good without putting up studies on fruit (A study showing positives of fruit, does not make FRUCTOSE good either, it simply shows that the other beneficial chemicals, nutrients etc are beneficial, the problem with that argument, is that ALL of those compounds vital for life are available thru non fructose pathways.) and only prove it is good by finding a study that fructose beneficial (which you know does not exist) is not fair or scientific.
                "First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do" - Epictetus


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                  You won't find any relevant scientific studies. On a standard high carb/high sugar diet people won't need to refill liver glycogen, so fructose is going to be turned into fat and stored. If you are eating a low carb diet, liver glycogen will often be depleted, and fructose won't have a negative effect until stores are repleted. Liver glycogen stores prevent the increase in cortisol which is required to turn amino acids into glucose to fuel certain glucose-only tissues (when glucose is not sufficiently supplied in the diet).

                  You can browse through this thread for some info on the biomechanics behind fructose metabolism


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                    Good luck finding them. Even as a nutritionist who personally tried to hold on to the whole "fruit is good for you" nutjob stuff I was originally taught I never was able to find anything that actually showed fructose in a good light in a well designed or even decently designed study, and I looked a whole hell of a lot for them too. Anything good that fructose can do, glucose will do better.
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                      here's my half-assed attempt:
                      you're specifying fructose, and i don't think it could be proven that fructose is good for you. but, specific fruits can be good for you based on (as someone before said) the presence of antioxidants in the fruit. iirc, specific fruits have specific antioxidants in them, it's not like the antioxidants in carrots are all the same as those in kiwifruit. also, various fruits are higher in certain nutrients than others. if you want to learn more, i'm sure you can use your googlefu and find something about antioxidants in specific fruits, or why fruit is healthy. but if you're looking for health claims about fructose, the only thing you're going to find is half-assed statements about how fructose doesn't lead to insulin spikes quite like other sweeteners.
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                        I am allergic fructose. Similar to lactose intolerance, I have fructose intolerance. Some fruit has a much higher content of fructose than others. Berries are very low in fructose, whereas grapefruit is extremely high. I avoid fructose as much as possible and have seen absolutely no negative effects at all.


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                          numbers time - apple 5.9 g fructose - pear 6.2g = 13.1 g daily eating one of each. Pepsi - 41 g sugar - if its VHFCS its about 30g fructose PER CAN. Don't think I'm gonna sweat this too much - still would like to know about low fructose - high glucose carbs for around my workouts though...
                          "First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do" - Epictetus


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                            I thought in the PB Mark said grapefruit was good to eat. I hope so because I love it.


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                              Grapefruit can cause problems with some heart medicines.