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Feeling Tired during 30 day challeng?

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  • Feeling Tired during 30 day challeng?

    Has anyone had a difficult time switching over from a mostly clean diet including some carbs and sugar to the primal eating style?

    My brother and I are doing a 30 day primal challenge together and he is feeling tired every day. He has also lost all motivation to do anything but sit around staring into space. Before the challenge he had lots of energy and never went to bed before midnight. Now he crashes at around 8 or 9 and sleeps for 10-12 hrs a night and wakes up feeling tired.

    We've been eating lots of proteins, veggies, and some fruit. He added in some potatoes and bananas to see if that would help with the low energy, but it doesn't seem to be working. I think it might be the low carb flu, but I've read that just a few more carbs should help ease the transition from glucose to fat.

    He's ready to quit, but I'm hoping there might be some tips or suggestions for restoring his energy so he can finish his 30 days.
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    Eat more fat, eat more fat, eat more fat, skip the potatoes and bananas. The easiest way is to add a TBL of coconut oil. Also, it just may take some time to get over the flu. I went through it myself.
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