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    I buy side pork, since the only no nitrate and low sugar bacon I can find here in at Costco. Its not grass fed though and really not worth maintaining a membership there for bacon.
    Would you have an easier time switching to sausage? I prefer it, personally, and non-nitrated sausage is easier to find. I would say, maybe save the sugar bacon for special occasions? Or, side pork and make you own bacon. A "meat market" (this is Wisconsin) sometimes has GIANT slabs of side pork. Like, 6+lbs worth. Again, not grass fed but damn.
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      I just received a shipment from US Wellness. I haven't tried the bacon yet (I bought ends and not slices since I chop it up anyway for recipes), but it is sugar free. I ordered ribs, soup bones and a few beef/lamb steaks just to try it out. I can find grass fed meat here in WI, but not always the cuts I want.

      I would love to find a place that sells quality pork belly. I had it at a restaurant this summer and fell in love.
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        I know people talk about 0 sugar bacon . in my opinion. I rather not give up bacon in my life. it is difficult to find no sugar uncured organic bacon.... I'd say just limit your consumption of fruits to make room for bacon.