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Any Petite Females out there?

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  • Any Petite Females out there?

    Hi, total Newbie still reading the PB but really want to start full swing tomorrow. I am 5'2" 110 pounds, pretty good shape, lift twice a week, in my 40's. Need to ditch the belly fat. Would love an idea of what petite females eat in a day, sample menu plan, any help while I finish the book? I think I am making this too complicated and could use some help.

    ALso, does excess coffee increase hunger or contribute to fat storage? I love it and drink a bunch, then overinduldge later in the day..

    Thanks for any input.

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    I'm a newbie, too. 5'3 115lbs., also need to lose belly fat. Also have the same questions about coffee, since my husband manages an organic coffee shop, we drink the best stuff- and tons of it


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      I'm not what I would call petite 5'6" /126 but other folks have called me that...

      Also in my 40s and what I am seeing is that low carb is the way to go--for me at least. I've been Primal for 2 months and the fat is dropping off very slowly at 60-70 gm of carb/day, so I am dropping down to 20 for a couple of weeks to see if that speeds things up.

      Somewhere I read that caffeine can cause a rise in blood sugar/insulin spike. If true (it seems to be for me) then I would imagine it could contribute to fat storage. I drink black tea with cream to deal with this.

      Here's what I ate today.
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        Tiny little thing here. 5'2", 120 lb, small framed.
        Coffee does one of two things to me: makes me not hungry AT ALL, or makes me ravenous all day. No middle ground. The caffeine content, without any caloric content, I believe is what does it, at least for me.
        Typical day for me (mind you, I've been ding this for nearly a year and avoid dairy)
        Dinner: meat and veggie ( 1/2 lb meat, 1-2 c veggie, cooked or raw, butter or vinaigrette or fatty sauce on the veggies). This can be in a curry, as spag sauce and veggies, steak and salad,... yadayadayada
        Dessert: fruit (cherries, berries, yadayada), fat, nuts, and something with protein (lately its been egg crepes)
        Later snack (2-3 hrs after dinner): 1/2 serving chocolate.
        I don't eat breakfast or lunch simply because I'm not hungry for them. I do body weight exercise and go for a walk during lunch instead. I try to stay above 50g carbs, but that's because I have hypothyroidism.
        Typical breakdown (I cycle between these extreme every few days in the form of low, low, low, high naturally)
        Low Day
        cal: 600-900
        carbs: 20-40g
        Protein: 60ish g
        Fat: 50- 60g
        High Day
        cal: 1800-2500
        carbs: 40- 80g
        Protein: 120 ish g
        Fat: 100-140g
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          5'1" and 95 lbs here; I'm mighty small. I usually eat a beef + broccoli stir fry with coconut oil and butter or fried Omega 3 eggs with veggies for breakfast, steamed leafy greens and veggies with canned wild salmon and olive oil for lunch, and some sort of meat (lamb, pork or chicken) with steamed veggies and butter for dinner. I occasionally snack on shredded coconut, carrots, or blueberries blended with coconut milk. I go through 2 lbs of grass-fed ground beef, 1 lb of other meat, 3 cans of fish, 1 lb of butter, two large bunches of greens and about 5 bags of frozen veggie mixes per week.
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            5ft 2.5" (those .5" matter at our height, right?!!) and 107lbs. Far less exercise than I used to get when I weighed more, and have maintained this weight for 3 months without any trouble.

            Breakfast: 2 slices bacon, 1 egg, 1/2 onion, 5 cherry tomatoes, handful spinach
            Lunch: Left over lamb stew
            Dinner: Cod breaded in almond flour and sauted in butter. Salad. Home made tomato soup. Glass of red wine.

            Through the day: coconut milk in my tea/coffee; 10 almonds; 1 oz dark choc.

            It was a fairly typical day, except that sometimes I don't eat lunch.

            Zone diet on and off for several years....worked, but too much focus on exact meal composition
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              I've found that 14-16/10-8 (give or take) fasting/eating cycles really helps to lose that belly fat. I try to keep it to 2 meals for most day, wherein the first is really more of a snack and then one huge meal, keeping carbs between 50-75. Carbs are from veggies/fruits/nuts/dark chocolate. Clean meats, minimal condiments.


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                here's an excellent article on caffeine and weight control:


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                  This is an interesting thread. I find that I need quite a bit more food than many other people of similar size. You'll probably have to try various things while you're getting started until you find what works best for you.

                  I'm 5'3"-5'4" and weigh around 95. I'm trying to gain both lean mass as well as body fat. I seem to require 2,000-2,500 calories a day just to maintain that weight.
                  I eat a minimum of:
                  100 g fat
                  150-200 g carbohydrates (not fully primal, I know, but I've been quite active)
                  100 g protein.
                  It seems hard to get this much in the form of "real food" or meals, though, so I end up eating a lot of supplemental things like whey protein, coconut oil, nutritional yeast, hemp seed, and flax seed.
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                    I'm 5'3" and a muscular 115 lbs. Small build. Age 32. Primal for18 months or so.

                    I eat a lot for my size. Always have.

                    LATELY, I've been eating less than usual because I'm IFing 18+ hours every day and only getting in two meals. Once my shoulder heals and I get back to my usual amount of heavy lifting, instead of these bloody "modified" workouts, I'll probably need to eat more. Right now, my days look like this:

                    Morning -- coffee. 4 cups (8-oz cups, that is, not mugs). Then I switch to green/red tea. My experience is that caffiene blunts appetitie, rather than increasing it, unless I drink too much and get shaky.

                    Break-fast at around 2pm -- 2 cups or so of greens, 4 oz tuna, a few olives, some pickle and onion, and dressing of fish oil, olive oil, potassium salt, balsamic, and herbs.

                    Dinner at around 7pm -- Last night was keema (Indian ground lamb) with sweet potatoes roasted in coconut oil. The night before was ground beef curry. The night before that was a company dinner of (grain-free) pork enchiladas, Mexican salad with grilled onions and pineapple, and avocado. The night before that was pulled pork over roasted acorn squash. The night before that was lamb chops and roasted brussels sprouts, carrots, and cauliflower.

                    When I'm on my full (and rather intense) workout schedule, I typically IF 14-16 hours per day, then eat a salad for break-fast, dinner leftovers for lunch, and a meat-and-veggies dinner.

                    Calories range from 1200-3000 depending on activity level. I just eat when I'm hungry and don't worry about volume. I like being very lean, so I do keep carbs under 100g -- sometimes well under (say, 40g) and usually around 60-80g.
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                      Not me my wife.

                      My wife was about 5' 2' '82 pounds when I met her 7 years ago. She constantly had sugar crashes and carried little snanks and juices with her to remain stable.

                      Now she is and has maintained 100 pounds, rather effortlessly. Formost, we stopped all the liquid calories she was using as a crutch to keep her "Stable". Second, she ate protien with every meal about 4 oz to 8 oz. Afterwards, any veggies that were around were in trouble.

                      We both personally find it easiest to start a meal with enough protien to reach your body weight in grams a day. After that graze on veggies/salad that suits your tastes.

                      Today while wandering the grocery story with the muchies I said hey look swiss chard, never tried that before. So I had grilled chicken and swiss chard for dinner. It's really that easy. Pick and animal, pick a veggies cook them together and chow down.
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                        Thanks so much for the input everyone! Couple things:

                        Liz - I think even 1/4 inch matters! Also, you say coffee throughout day? How much and does it impact your results? How much have you lost doing PB to get to 107, how long to get there? You say less excercise, which is where I am headed as I was a chronic cardio junkie.

                        Quirky and Atlas - were you both always so lean, os ir this due to PB?

                        Barbeygirl - I love starting may day with coffee and nothing else. Have you done this and lost fat? I worry it will impact me in some way to have coffee without food first thing.....LOVE your menu plans, so diverse.

                        Batty - great article thanks.

                        I am not even going to think about IF until I get the eating right and ditch the carb cravings.

                        Did all of you count fat, protein to start, or just count carbs? Just signed up at fitday and wonder what you track now that you've been doing this awhile.

                        Thanks again!!! So great to have petite buddies!


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                          Good call on the IF. In the beginning, I counted carbs and protein, just to get a feel for what x protein or y carbs looked like. I only worried abt fat when I was still trying to calorie count. I still do, somewhat, but more to make sure I'm eating enough.
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                            5' 1" here, about 115 lbs at the moment. My ideal weight is around 107 while toned (seems like being petite, just a lb or two can make such a difference).

                            I tend to avoid caffeine, or keep it to just a cup or two a week. If I start drinking it consistently my weight creeps up on me. Don't know if it is the insulin spike thing or what, but I have noticed I drop a few lbs almost immediately when I give up a caffeine binge. It does seem to kill my appetite though, but sometimes I notice that if I drink coffee, skip a meal, I tend to have more signs of a sugar crash later in the day.

                            I eat pretty much what all primal folks eat, although I find I personally do best in the 50g of carbs and under. Sometimes I IF, sometimes I don't, I can go either way. I used to be hypoglycemic, constantly snacking all day with everyone saying I must have the metabolism of a fruit fly. Now I eat the same calories just in 2-3 meals, nothing in between, and no crazy shakes or grumpiness.

                            Would love to drop a couple lbs to fit in a few more pairs of jeans, but since we are trying to get prego, decided best to focus on healthy food intake rather then losing any weight.
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                              Maybe we should start a petite females getting fit group on here?