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More fat = more calories, right?

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  • More fat = more calories, right?

    But it's been said that even if you have too many primal calories, you'll still gain weight. But if you're hungry, eat more fat- and therefore, more calories.

    So... how many calories is too much? I had 2700 yesterday (was super hungry at dinner), and FINALLY felt full, though later in the evening I could have munched more- I didn't, cause I'd had way too many carbs by that point (140).

    This is for fat loss, btw.

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    I know that I get hungry if I have too many carbs. The fewer carbs I eat, the less hunger pains I get. If you're struggling with hunger, then consider dropping the carbs and/or raising your fat.



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      If you want to lose fat quickly, then drop your carbs way down--under 50 g per day. This will also help curb your hunger and naturally cut down your calories. Otherwise, Mark's recommendation for gradual fat loss 50-100g/day of carbs makes sense to me. No one can tell you how many calories are too much for you--but if you are eating more than your body is metabolizing you will gain fat--and you will tend to eat more if your carb level is high.

      Read this great article by Gary Taubes.
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        How old are you? How tall are you? How active is your daily life? How often do you work out and what do you do? What is your carb/fat/protein ratio like out of that 2700 calories?

        There is too much basic information missing from your post to determine whether or not 2700 calories matters to you.

        I am 25, crossfit and jiu jitsu daily, and live an active lifestyle. I eat 2700 calories and I am working on putting on muscle. If you are a 40 year old lady-who-happens-to-stay-at-home-and-possibly-a-wife-but-not-a-housewife who runs once a week, your mileage may vary.
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          More fat on low carb = Increased satiety = Less hungry = Less food eaten = Lower calories

          The trick is to eat enough fat so you don't feel hungry then stop eating. It will only work if you keep carbs low enough that they don't stimulate hunger

          Think of it as simply eating enough fat to be satisfied. You can't do this with protein or carbs because they will both stimulate insulin and you will quickly be hungry again
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            Could be 40 year old housewife who never runs but does intervals and bodyweight exercises. The 40 year old housewife term kind of irked me for some reason. Not that I thought Rivvin you meant anything by it - probably I'm an overly sensitive 44 year old!
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              Originally posted by Sue View Post
              Could be 40 year old housewife who never runs but does intervals and bodyweight exercises. The 40 year old housewife term kind of irked me for some reason. Not that I thought Rivvin you meant anything by it - probably I'm an overly sensitive 44 year old!
              Me too. I think it's because the assumption is that a housewife doesn't move. Lol! I'm a 28 year old housewife with two kids, and the whole "move slowly for a long time" thing is pretty much my life. I'm always moving around the house and yard, taking walks, hefting kids, chasing the cat, digging in the dirt, scrubbing something, bending over and picking up repeatedly, standing and moving to cook something, etc etc etc.

              As to the other questions:
              5'2", never, check out yesterdays food here:

              I think I can see where I went wrong. It was halfway through the day before I thought to check the carbs in the EmergenC (fighting a cold). And I've got some coconut oil fudge hanging on from the holidays that I keep trying tp push onto my husband- here! Eat this so I don't! Lol.

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                Yeah that's a lot of carbs for someone not actively working out... but I think you see that now

                Also I edited my post to be nicer about the housewife thing, didn't realize it had such negative connotations.

                Just to be more helpful....

                Carrots + Honey + Sweet Potato = What I eat on days I do double sessions of crossfit or jiu jitsu. That is definitely causing you to feel hungry even when your not, and is probably gonna hinder your weight loss. Also, at 5'2 and 28 years old... that's a LOT of calories. Like a whole lot.

                At the assumption of you weighing 150 pounds (sorry, I have nothing else to go on unless I fail at reading) then just to maintain weight you'd only need about 1800 calories.

                What is in your salad dressing?
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                  i think he was focusing on the metabolic issues for women 40 plus who also have the stress of running a household (children, householding) and the time that involves, and therefore cannot attend 1 hr of crossfit and 1 or more ours of martial arts per day, kwim?

                  i know that i can't. i'm 34, i run a business and our home, primary care give for the kiddo, and honestly do not have enough time for that much exercise, which is why i love PB so much. it really fits into a busy-lady's lifestyle.

                  long walks: can do that with the kiddo in some way shape or form, usually babywearing; big 5 can be done in my home, while kiddo is napping, in about 30 minutes. when walking home from work, i do my sprint up hill. it's not 20 minutes, but it's hard and it gets my heart going. i suppose that, once this feels "easy" i might add more time in. right now, it's 2-3 minutes of sprinting M-F so 10-15 minutes per week. LOL then just lifestyle stuff.

                  but, i agree about the "eat more fat equals more satiety equals less food equals fewer calories."

                  it works like this:

                  1 gram of carbs equals 4 calories
                  1 gram of protein equals 4 calories
                  1 gram of fat equals 9 calories

                  essentially, 1 gram of fat equals 2+ grams of carbs calorically speaking.

                  So, say you eat 3 apples and each apple has 2 grams of carbs then you are getting 3 x 2 x 4 = 24 calories.
                  Now, say you eat 1 piece of bacon and that bacon is 1 gram fat and 2 protein. This would be 1(9) + 2(4) = 17 calories

                  Most people won't sit and eat three apples in a sitting, and even if they did, carbs break down fast, spike the blood sugar and burns off quickly. the fat and protein are tougher to break down, and so they have a slower burn rate as well -- you stay satisfied longer.

                  a good "snack" then would be a piece of bacon as opposed to 3 apples. these, of course, are not real numbers, just estimates. i didn't go and use spark people or whatever, but you could and really figure it out.

                  but that's the idea anyway.


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                    It is. My goal is 50-80 carbs a day, and I can't believe how much I went over. It was my first day of low carb. I figured as long as I didn't have any grain, it would be easy. I can't figure out where the all came from! Ok, I know, the EmergenC and the fudge... :P But still! I figured it'd be a bit easier to keep them low and still be full. And honestly, I can't eat meat like that every day- I try to only eat grassfed meat, and we can't afford it. We just happened to have extra on hand. Typical for me is breakfast of eggs, cheese and greens, maybe a piece of fruit, lunch is still being worked on, and dinner is usually a chicken or a roast with a green veggie and a starchy veggie.

                    Rivvin, lol- I'm not really offended, and your edit is hilarious. My issue is just 7 years of pent up frustration about the assumptions that come with my line of work. :P

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                      The only carbs I'm eating are vegetables, with a bit of fruit now and then. But Fitness Pal still says I consumed 74 gms of carbs yesterday. I increased my fat and want to try going lower on the carbs (under 50) but the only way to do that would seem to be cutting down on vegetables - but they are the supposed base of the pyramid in this diet. But I guess that's the only way?


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                        You'll probably gain weight if you eat more calories than you expend. The problem is: You can't easily determine how many calories you expend. If you eat primally and you're gaining weight, then you should cut back on calories a little. I've recently switched back to eating primally and found it somewhat difficult to "eat until you're full". I guess that some people try to make sure that they're not eating too little and end up forcing themselves to eat more than they really need.

                        Try to listen to your body after a meal ... if you feel "full" then chances are that you ate too much.
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                          Back before my blood sugar was better managed, I'd swing between stuffed and starving. I was constantly uncomfortable, bloated, and miserable. To be going from frantic to fill the aching hole and back to so stuffed you want to puke--- at every meal! Now though, unless I wait too long to eat, like last night- I just get hungry. "Full" now means the hungry is gone. So, you're saying that if I don't feel hungry after eating, I've eaten too much? I should always feel hungry?

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                            More fat = more calories, right?

                            Wrong, in fact dead wrong. This, at least for me, is/was the hardest thing to get my mind around. Lower carb intake and higher quality fat intake is the key to everything. The higher proportion of fat will let you eat overall FEWER calories while still being sated. I look at what I'm cooking and have to ask: Where's the fat in this? This is to break myself of a decades long habit of doing the opposite.

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                              Originally posted by profdjj View Post
                              I know that I get hungry if I have too many carbs. The fewer carbs I eat, the less hunger pains I get. If you're struggling with hunger, then consider dropping the carbs and/or raising your fat.

                              Carbs trigger hunger for me too.

                              I think on average I get about 1700 calories a day (with the way I've been eating lately anyways.) Carbs are between 30-75g a day.

                              Example. Today for breakfast (7am) I was starving so I ate nearly a pound of pork ribs (intended for dinner.) I was full from that until about 4pm when I finally decided to eat my lunch, which was meatloaf (with carrots, some raisins and coconut flour.) I'd say carbs were probably less than 30, and I'm fine. I don't think I'm gonna bother with dinner.

                              I agree. Fighting hunger means a little more fat and a lot less carbs.