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Goat dairy products - are they better on Primal?

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    Thanks. Unfortunately, I didn't coin it. Mark Sisson did.
    "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates


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      Originally posted by aboutsaffron View Post
      Personally, I love products from goat milk, but I can't drink it, especially if its raw. It's um... strong. It DOES make incredible ice cream, though!

      Just my two cents...
      Funny, our local raw goat's milk doesn't taste "strong" at all...maybe because they keep the billy separate?
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        Yes, the doe's milk is only strong when they are cycling. We had 4 does and never kept a billy goat and the milk was very sweet and tasty. But many commercial goat dairies do of course have stud bucks in nearby paddocks, so the girls are always cycling.
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          i started taking a lactase every time i eat dairy (but still somewhat limiting dairy) and they work miracles. i love eggs fried in butter, yogurt, and cheese. it would be difficult for me to live an enjoyable life without these creamy wonders, and taking a lactaid really works nicely for both inflammatory symptoms and for digestive upset.


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            Just last week I received my powdered goat milk from Tropical Traditions:

            I have bad reactions to cow dairy, but I've always done well with goat milk products, and wanted to see how this tasted. It tastes wonderful once you get it mixed, but it's a bugger to dissolve properly; thank goodness for my Magic Bullet.


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              We had alpines, & never kept the bucks with the does. The bucks only stink during breeding season, when we always stopped milking, so that wasn't the issue. I've always heard that Nubians have sweeter milk, & Lamanchas as well, I think (it's been awhile since we did all this) because they have a higher natural milk-fat content.

              It's possible I could drink it now, but back then I was constantly switching from raw whole goat milk at home to 2% cow at school, & I just remember I couldn't stand drinking it. I could eat it in cereal, but that was it. I'm not so sure I could make myself try it now, though - just thinking about it makes me a bit ill. But then again, I can't remember the last time I drank a whole glass of milk, so it's possible I ought to just get over it!

              Here's a funny story - being country folk, we didn't grow up with fancy coffee shops. When my mom was on a business trip, a co-worker took her to Starbucks for a latte because they were all shocked she'd never had one. When she saw how it was made, she told them, well, I guess I have this every morning when I'm milking the goats - it just comes directly from the source! Haha. It's true, though - the milk is warm & does make your coffee nice & frothy.
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                Originally posted by aboutsaffron View Post
                (former goat farmer here) Although most goats are grassfed, a lot of farmers supplement their does with grain during milking season. I know a lot of you all about the grass-fed, but we nearly lost a few does during freshening if they didn't get enough grain beforehand. & they had plenty of hay to eat throughout the winter, too (goats are seasonal breeders & generally only freshen in the spring). We had a special mix of grain, not medicated, & didn't give them antibiotics unless they got sick (which was rare).

                Personally, I love products from goat milk, but I can't drink it, especially if its raw. It's um... strong. It DOES make incredible ice cream, though!

                Just my two cents...
                Useful to know. Thank you.


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                  I dunno if it's better, but I've developed a goat cheese addiction! Love the capra honey log. Decadent!

                  Also I have access to goat milk here and I think it tastes the same as cow milk, but maybe I'm used to the tang from all the goat cheese and don't notice it?
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