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    I tried using coconut milk (1/2 cup), with almond milk (1/2 cup, unsweetened), and protein powder (low carb) and now have a "WICKED" headache along with some hotflashes (post meno), and in general feel like I have a good case of carb flu. I have been doing low carb. (I have 72.5 lbs to lose). I lost 90 lbs before doing Atkins and am doing that again with Primal modifications. I also have multiple food allergies, which I am trying very hard to avoid taking in any of the foods. But this means I am struggling with breakfast as eggs are off the table. I have been at it hardcore for 6 days and today is the first day of this headache. So if I reduce the carbs will I experience the carb flu more, but it will go away sooner? And what do you recommend for breakfast for the egg allergic gal?


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      ^Any other kind of fat & protein makes a good breakfast. Leftover meat from dinner or freshly cooked. Eat a steak! Have some drumsticks! Don't think conventional.

      As for length of carb flu, it varies from person to person. Best thing you can do is make sure you get plenty of fat and protein during the transition and after to get your body burning fat. And don't forget to hydrate! I would suggest you avoid almond milk and possibly also protein powder altogether to avoid any excess sugar (yes, even if it's unsweetened) and overly processed food sources for at least the first month.
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        The best breakfast of all is no breakfast at all...

        IF FTW.
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          Oh for the ability ot fast for breakfast. Unfortunaly my body is too "tuned in" and I wake hungry", now this may be related to PTSD and other stressor, which I am working on getting rid of or dealing with, but until I can turn off the hunger monster completely breakfast is a must most mornings.