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  • Carbs

    Paraphrasing Robb Wolf in today's podcast about carbs.

    'When someone gets fairly lean, a man below 15% on the way to 10%...
    A woman with similar body type but body % numbers will be higher...
    Some metabolic exceptions aside, but once you get lean typically your ability to tolerate carbs dramatically improves...
    *Folks who are lean and running a pretty good activity level are maybe being a little bit carb-phobic; where they would benefit from carbohydrate especially post workout. I don't think there's anything but good from adding carbs...*

    I'm already in the pro-paleo carb camp, but for others out there not yet convinced by Rivvin's recent post, great blog posts from Matt Metzgar and Melissa McEwan in 2010 and of course Martin Berkhan who eats 50% carb meal PWO... add Robb Wolf to the pro-carb list (for those who fit the description above).

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    Robs always recommended eating the higher carbs post work out. I think most are pro carbs the low carb advice is what is required in the first instance for most folks.
    Is there link to Rivvin post?


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      Here you go.

      Yes Robb has been saying that for a while. I didn't mean to say it was new information. But he more more emphatic about it this time than I remember.

      If you look through these boards and meals there are so many low carb examples. There was a post of one person today 7% BF doing a 'bulk' and still no carbs! Even John Durant on his 'strict paleo' month says 'no starchy veggies right up alongside everything else (no sugar, grain, etc). Crazy!


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        So if someone is trying to lose weight, should they consume carbs post workout?
        The more I see the less I know for sure.
        -John Lennon


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          That's the best time to consume them as it will usually go straight back to fill up your glycogen stores rather than be stored as fat. You don't have to consume post workout carbs. When you consume them post workout least likely to interfere with fat loss goals.
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