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Do you have a veggie/fruit garden?

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  • Do you have a veggie/fruit garden?

    We just moved into a new house and are in the process of creating our plan for the back yard. We have a relatively large side yard and I'm planning on incorporating a 4'x10' raised vegetable garden, drip irrigation pulled from a rain collection barrel and a compost bin.

    I'm been researching vegetable varieties that fare well in our are (NW Houston, TEXAS) and am getting excited to get on with it. I know I'm definitely planning on having some staples like tomatoes, bell peppers, cukes, jalapenos and some leafy greens as well as herbs.

    I'm also thinking of planting some citrus (lemon & lime) trees or other fruit trees...perhaps apple and banana maybe.

    Anybody else out there have a veggie garden they wanna show off? What all are you growing? 1st time buyer $5 discount code: GIS836

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    I have a huge garden -- it's a quarter-circle in shape, with sides 35 feet long. Plus a seperate, 20x20 plot for space-hogs like squash.

    What do I grow? Right now, nothing. It's 10 degrees out and a remnant of November's snow is still on the ground.

    Come spring, though, I'll have the usual: mesclun, kale, chard, rhubarb, herbs, summer and winter squash, multiple tomato varieties, peppers, radish, tomatillos, onions, green beans, sugar snaps... Think I'll try sweet potatoes, too, and Ironman wants to grow cukes for pickles.

    I'm jealous of your citrus trees! Enjoy gardening and be patient while you learn -- most people don't get a huge crop on their first try, but it does get easier. Read a lot. Check out the gardenweb forums. And Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds -- best seed company EVER.
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      I'm starting one this spring. Currently demolishing the playground to make room for it. I'm planning several 4x4 raised beds, and a few 2x8s that use remnants of the playground as verticals for vines. Also thinking of re-using the playhouse as a chicken coop!

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        I built one last year and enjoyed it very much. I did a 15x20 raised garden. I had 3 grape tomato plants, 2 full size tomato plants, 12 sweet pepper plants, and 6 hot pepper plants. I tried some squash but put it in too late and only got 1 good squash. I am planning to move my tomato plants out of this box and building another one to keep them from overtaking the smaller plants. I need to get my peppers in earlier as I don't feel that I got as many peppers as I would have liked. The Bores took quite a few of my peppers too. I put up some chicken wire to keep the bunnies out as they really like sweet peppers.

        It was a lot of work but it was fun to go outside every day after work with my daughter and check on the garden and collect vegetables. With my garden I had more then enough produce to feed my family plus we gave away bags and bags of tomatoes and peppers.
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          I don't have one yet at my current house (long story), but I've had them in the past and love having a garden. I do, however, grow things in pots on my deck - several tomato plants, lots of herbs, a blueberry bush, etc. And my mom has a huge garden so I have an open invitation to raid hers regularly in the growing season.


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            I built a raised bed a few years ago, about 4'x25'...we make our own compost too. Unfortunately I don't have a very green thumb. Yields were modest at best. I built my wife an herb garden, too, which is going great.
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              if your area can do avocado trees do that. we had one when i live in Southern California and it's awesome and probably one of the biggest price differences. you just have to remember they don't ripen till they come off the tree. citrus is also bomb. as for vegetables, as years go by you'll find what works best. for now experiment with stuff you'd like. also, if eating greens from your garden test soil for lead.


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                string beans are also super easy: i like kidney, you take the bean soak it over night and then just drop two side by side next to something they can crawl up. fast growing easy, a constant producer, and probably the first thing out of your garden you'll be able to eat.


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                  So jealous of you all and your gardens! We have over an acre of land and there is not a single place on it that gets sunlight reliably enough to plant a garden (we are carved out of a forest). I had some small raised beds at our last place and did some square foot gardening. I was very impressed by the yield, considering how small our area was.


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                    We moved a year ago from a large lot with big raised bed gardens, 6 apple trees, 4 cold frames, and a greenhouse/chicken coop (w/ a dozen chickens). Had the whole thing surrounded by electric fence to keep out dogs, bears, moose. Two years ago, we got enough carrots and they stored well that we were still eating them the following July!

                    Now are on a small lot close into town. The previous owners loved to garden so lots of ornamentals and perrenials, some nice fruit (one cherry tree, one plum, one apple, some raspberries). but limited veggie space. We got 4 hens last summer and they are doing well. The big gardening project for this coming summer is to turn the small front yard completely over to raised beds for veggies.

                    Like a previous post indicated the first year or two in a new garden isn't too productive while fertility builds and you see what works and what doesn't. I am definitely still on that learning curve in the new place.