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  • Chicken question...

    It's me again - recovering vegetarian. I struggle to like chicken - I would like to like it though because it is cheap and widely available.

    When I marinate chicken and then bake it, the skin is always very nice and crispy and I love that! However, the flesh just doesn't get enough spice and flavour. How do I get taste into the meat? It is just so bland an boring I feel like only eating the skin!

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    Take knife prior to putting into marinade and poke holes in the meat. This will allow the flavors of your marinade to permeate the meat.


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      You can break the skin in spots and rub the marinade under the skin. I will put some drippings from the pan onto my plate and dip the meat in it for favor as well.


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        Brine your meat!!!

        I used to hate chicken, but brining is AWESOME!!!!

        Here's my typical chicken brine:
        Fill a large container with 8 cups of water
        1/2 cup of salt
        3 or 4 bay leaves crumpled with your hand
        an onion and 3-6 cloves of garlic roughly zuzzed in the food processor
        a handful of peppercorns

        Sometimes I add 2 cups of wine and only 6 cups of water
        sometimes I squeeze a fesh orange into the brine

        Throw your chicken into the brine, for 6-8 hours. Don't over brine or it will be too salty!
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          Do you need to rinse it after before cooking?


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            Originally posted by Sue View Post
            Do you need to rinse it after before cooking?
            No, rinsing is not needed, but you could if you wanted. I've read that rinsing chicken just spreads bacteria so I don't.
            The more I see the less I know for sure.
            -John Lennon


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              Which part of the bird are you eating? Breast meat is dry and bland. Try thighs instead. And don't overcook it
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                You can also put things in the body cavity to help infuse flavor- garlic, oranges, pretty much anything you can imagine.

                Also, if you want more fat in the breast meat, turn your chicken over and cook her on her belly. Doesn't look quite the same but the breast meat tastes much better that way.


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                  I cannot eat store-bought chicken. It's very lean (dry, even when not overcooked) and very bland to me, at best.

                  Now we eat our neighbour's birds, and we'll have our own this summer. This chicken is fatty everywhere, and very tasty. It doesn't dry out, either. I don't even season it because after roasting it like it is, just adding some sea salt and serving it with its own juices from the pan, its very flavourful and delicious. I do adore seasonings, though, but I just don't find them necessary for good chicken.

                  I stopped eating conventional store-bought long before I began eating fresh-from-the-farm (I paid $12 for a 2lb organic chicken twice per month in the interim) because I literally gagged from the smell of so-called fresh chicken, and the smell of it cooking was even worse, sadly followed by bland with a terrible texture.

                  I just wouldn't bother even trying to mask that stuff with seasoning. I wouldn't eat it unless I could find a healthy source. You won't die by waiting to eat it until you find a good source. Any other animal flesh that is healthy is tasty even without seasoning. If it must be seasoned to be palatable, I am suspicious. There must be an organic or natural farm somewhere near you that does farm-gate sales (even secretly). If you really want chicken, ask around.

                  I have an excellent sense of taste, even to the point of easily discerning recipes from being served the result, so my experience is not to do with a poor sense of taste.
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                    Glad to read that I am not the only one struggling. I already stay away from chicken breast because it is so dry. I eat what is called "brown meat" - thighs, drumsticks etc. The meat is not dry after cooking, it is just so boring and bland. And, Imogen, I buy organic chicken and yet it is unsatisfactory.

                    Need to get a car first - yes, to all the Americans....not everyone in Europe has a car and we do mostly have good public transport...:-) Until I get a car it'll be impossible to check out surrounding farms.

                    Will try the brine - sounds awesome!


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                      Is brining only for a whole chicken or can you use it with boneless chicken breasts and such as well?


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                        Yeah, I should have been more clear. I don't like store-bought organic either, but before we could buy from the farm, it was the best we could find. I mostly bought it for the bones for broth, which was okay, but again, nothing like the broth I make from spent hens: fatty, gelatinous, tasty, veeery flavourful!


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                          My favorite parts are the thighs with the skin and fat still on them. Wings and legs aren't too bad either. White meat is best in stew or something.


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                            If you have raw white chicken meat (heck, or even chicken pieces), try this:
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