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    Recovering vegetarian asking here...

    I discovered chicken livers and absolutely love them - that's good for me as I am anaemic. So far I have been frying them until I think they are right and eat them with apple sauce - that's the way my mom made them (liver, apple sauce and fried onion - sounds primal to me...?).

    Any other ideas of how to prepare chicken livers? And do I have to cut them up? There are different parts to the liver...don't quite know how to describe it. I have had calves liver before and that was quit alright, but how do pork livers and lamb livers compare in taste - are they stronger than chicken livers?

    I am glad I discovered them, as they are cheap and right now, I am in a financially tight spot

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    Pork and lamb livers are closer in taste and texture to calfs liver than to chicken liver.

    Chicken livers can be cooked in many ways. I often make up a big curry to have during the week for breakfast. Here is a simple one:

    * fry finely chopped onion, garlic and ginger until onion is golden (use your favourite saturated fat for the frying)
    * stir in chilli and turmeric, fry for a minute
    * stir in ground coriander and cumin, fry for a minute
    * add chopped tomatoes, a little salt and garam masala, cook until tomato is pulped
    * add coarsely chopped liver, cook for 5-10 minutes. I like them rare so 5min does me

    As for chopping the livers, you should cut out the white veiny bits. I like to chop to bite size but there's no need to
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      chicken liver pate sheer awesomness. made about five lbs of it yesterday had a couple spoonfuls with breakfast today. the recipe i used wasn't exactly strictly primal cause i used storebought mayo *shrugs* toooooooo tasty to care though.


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        you might find this interesting:
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          For a quick and easy dish, I like to braise chicken livers and sliced mushrooms in butter. I don't have an exact recipe but I use about 1 pound of chicken livers, 8 oz. sliced mushrooms, 1 stick (4 oz.) of butter. Makes 3-4 servings for me anyways. Excellent served on mashed potato or French green beans.

          With all liver, the "secret" is to NOT overcook it.


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            I love lambs liver fired in butter, fried with onions, with onions, mushrooms, caraway and paprika in sour cream (a sort of stroganoff). Pork liver is slightly stronger and I use that when making pate. Chicken and duck livers are super.

            If you can get Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall's "Meat" in your local library, you can copy out several good liver recipes.


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              I ditto the chicken liver pate. Mash cooked livers (simmered or sauteed) with mayonnaisse, hard boiled egg and a bit of worcestershire sauce. Yum.


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                Originally posted by rabbidchicken69 View Post
                chicken liver pate sheer awesomness. made about five lbs of it yesterday had a couple spoonfuls with breakfast today. the recipe i used wasn't exactly strictly primal cause i used storebought mayo *shrugs* toooooooo tasty to care though.
                That's a lot of pate! I agree that it is awesome. Do you eat it all before it goes bad? Or can it be frozen? I thought I read somewhere that cooked liver shouldn't be frozen, but I'd love to hear that that is wrong.


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                  I wrap them in bacon and pop them in a 350 oven for 30-35 mins. I only cut them up to even the piece size out. I use a black iron skillet and usually saute some onions in butter before I put the livers in.
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                    Ashkenazi jewish style: broil livers, sautee onion and garlic long and slow in shmaltz (fat; chicken in this case) so it gets good and brown. put liver, onions/garlic, hard-boiled eggs, pepper, paprika into food processor blend. add in more chicken shmaltz.

                    ratios are hard to say. use as many eggs as you like, as much onions, as much additional shmaltz till you get a consistency you like, and blend it to the consistency you like ( i prefer mildly chunky).

                    I love this stuff. used to eat it on crackers, kichel, or bread. but it's just as good with tomatoes, cucumber slices, green onions, mushrooms, etc etc.


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                      as an addendum: adding the crispy bits from the rendering (gribenes in yiddish; chitlins?) takes it to a new level. also takes egg salad to a new level


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                        Mayo in pate? Here's my standard recipe: Bourbon Chicken Liver Pâté


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                          Oh, thanks a lot for the comments. I shied away from pate because I associate that with bread and I am not eating bread or crackers anymore. Might try with cucumber, celery sticks though.

                          Lots of inspiration to be found here. Thanks a million.


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                            flexi - do pate Vietnamese style: spread some on a lettuce leave with a piece of chicken (or any meat really), cilantro, cucumber and carrot toothpicks. Wrap it up and you have banh mi without the bread.


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                              oh yes, yummy - that's sounds like a great idea, Suki!