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Important question: unsafe for carb-eaters to partake in saturated fats?

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    Originally posted by AndreaReina View Post
    On the SAD, dietary fat is readily stored as body fat, whether it's saturated or unsaturated. Beyond a very small amount of essential PUFAs, the body doesn't need any extra fat. Since the fat doesn't go towards energy production (positive carb balance) or cell structure (the body already has plenty) any consumption is overconsumption.

    Now, if the consumption of saturated fat (or even monounsaturated) serves to replace the carbohydrate that's being eaten then it's a positive thing, but if they become consumed in addition to the carbohydrate already there (the most likely case if we're talking someone on the SAD) then it only makes a bad situation worse.
    Nicely put. This is my understanding as well.
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      Makes sense! Interesting, so does this mean a person loading up on processed carbs could get fat from olive oil and avocados?


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        i agree with the above by AR.

        here is my other take on it, too.

        people eating SAD are eating a lot of things that are causing their bodies to go out of whack: 1. grains; 2. processed grains; 3. sugar; 4. processed sugar syrups such as HFCS and any other syrup you can name; 5. transfats and hydrogenated oils; 6. any number of chemical, non-natural sweeteners; and 7. random chemical ingredients, fillers, and "what not."

        before i talk about fat or whatever with anyone (who, btw, must ask first, and be persistent because if they ask "how do you do it?" i say "oh, you know, just good food." or whatever until they go "no, really, i want to know." because i'm tired of explaining and then people treating me like i'm stupid or crazy or both.), the first thing i talk about is the "stuff" in "foods." i talk about eating whole, real foods rather than anything from the box or packaging.

        i have told people if they want to loose weight without even trying, the first step is to cut out all hydrogenated oils and trans fats; second, cut out all chemicals (including diet coke, coke zero and coke and such); third, cut out all syrups. *this* is why most people are fat, to be honest, because the body can't metabolize this AND it's calorie overload, so the body stores it. it thinks it's starving, because you might as well eat dry wall, and so it stores, and it also stores whatever it can't figure out what to do with it.

        honestly, once people stop eating out of boxes, then they get into a place where they are eating real foods, including saturated fats and unsaturated and whatever. but they aren't eating as much sugar or transfats.

        but in reality, i'm not in the evangelical business. my whole process is to do what i need to do, and let people be. if they want info from me, i can pass along a book or what have you (which i do), then that's fine, but they really have to ask for it. LOL they have to earn it.

        otherwise, the real issue here is that if the whole diet isn't overhauled, then they're going to continue to be fat just because of the transfats and chemicals.


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          Originally posted by CaptSaltyJack View Post
          Makes sense! Interesting, so does this mean a person loading up on processed carbs could get fat from olive oil and avocados?
          Yes! The carbs unlock the cells.