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  • Need cooking fat help

    Is grapeseed oil an acceptable fat for sauteeing at higher heat? I use coconut oil when I'm at a medium heat, and I use bacon fat when I have it available (frequently, but not consistently). What about grapeseed oil? Opinions? I do like to stirfry veggies at high heat.

    Also - as for bacon fat, how long does it keep and how to you store it? I've been saving the bacon fat whenever I cook bacon and just storing it in a little tub in the fridge. How long is it safe to use? When I was a kid, both of my grandmothers would keep a tub of bacon fat on the counter at all times for cooking. It was never in the fridge. Not sure how good that was from a food safety issue, but who knows?

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    I leave my cup of bacon fat in a dark cabinet... my mom always left it out on the counter, we never got sick from it. I would imagine that it would go rancid eventually but it never lasted long enough for that. haha


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      From what I understand, straining it is a good idea if you plan you leave it out unrefrigerated. I am too lazy to do so, so I refrigerate mine. It keeps for a VERY long time either way.
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        grapeseed oil - not so great. see this post {} for oils. how high a temperature are we talking? coconut oil is pretty good up through 350.

        as for bacon fat, i store mine in the fridge. i have tightly sealed jar that i just pour the stuff into when i'm done with the bacon. i imagine it could eventually go bad, but so far, so good.
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          None of the seed oils are good. Coconut oil is better, and fine for high heat. If you don't want that flavor, butter works great. Bacon drippings keep forever in the fridge. Lard and tallow work well, too. Just avoid the lard that is partially hydrogenated.