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  • Just starting out , need HELP!

    Just finished reading Primal Blueprint, my trainer recommended it and it makes sense! I am confused about a few things today. Can you eat bananas when first starting out or does the high carb content hurt? My husband has been eating 2 a day for at least a year and I told him that it is too high in carbs. Then i read these blogs and see people are eating them. HELP Oh, and the artificial sweetner thing....The shakes are made with Stevia, which is supposed to be natural but aren't the shakes considered a processed food? I am trying to make a grocery list and trying to find somewhere to buy the right foods. I am having trouble finding a store that has organic veg and fruits. I live in the suburbs of Chicago so maybe that is why. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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    Best advice I've seen on this forum: Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

    You can make your changes gradually. Start by eliminating grains, sugar and legumes, then fine-tune. If your husband is trying to lose weight then he might look at the bananas as a culprit, but if he is working out then they might be needed carbs. Eat real food, eliminate poisons. And good luck!


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      If you want a banana then eat one... I wouldn't wat 30 a day or anything like that but one ain't gonna kill you.

      Stevia is derived from an herb, never used it but from what I hear it's good stuff. Aspartame, sucralose, and all those funny sounding sweeteners are the ones you want to steer clear of.

      I don't know what these shakes are you speak of so I can't comment on them... although the occasional fruit smoothie as a treat has never killed anyone. Like one every other week or so, not one per day. lol

      Chicago should be loaded with places to buy organic fruits and veggies, most grocery stores have organic sections. Or just buy conventional... it's still a whole veggie and good for you! I forgot the list but there area few fruits and veggies you should always buy organic though... im sure someone will post it.

      And, most importantly (for me anyway) RELAX! Don't make eating right a chore or something that's a hassle. This isn't a religion or a cult, only you know what's right for you and don't beat yourself up over minor setbacks. If you pig out on icecream and donuts one day then accept that's why you are feeling like shit the next day and don't do it again!


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        Thanks for the good advice! I do lean to the all or nothing side and that is my downfall, right into a box of oreos! Thanks again!!
        The shakes i am referring to are the ones for sale on this website! My trainer uses them and i thought i would ck it out.


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          Originally posted by peachy0817 View Post
          Thanks for the good advice! I do lean to the all or nothing side and that is my downfall, right into a box of oreos!
          I've found it helpful to rid of the "Can I eat X?" mentality. In fact when somebody asks me (knowing that I'm changing my eating habits) "Can you eat this?" My typical response is something along the lines of "I can eat anything, it's my choice. However I choose not to eat or to limit this because of (reason)." I've found by not making items "forbidden" I think about and therefore desire them less. For example, I was a huge soda drinker. I quit drinking soda cold turkey when I made the transition to Primal. After a few weeks, I told myself that if I really wanted a soda, I could and that one wouldn't derail me. That's been over 2 months and I've yet to have a soda. I suspect if I kept telling myself that I couldn't have it, I'd fixate on it and would have had 1 (or 10) by now. When I do occasionally eat less clean that I'd like, I find it helpful to make a comparison to how I would've eaten in the "old days" which would have been far worse and then I move on with the promise to learn from that slip.

          Good luck, enjoy the journey and don't stress over it.
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            Love UncleDave's post. If a friend or family members says "Oh, you can't eat this" I usually respond, "Yes I can, but I'm choosing not to".

            The one caveat I'd add on the banana issue...I've found that good carbs can trigger cravings for bad carbs. So I do better if I keep carbs low. But this is a tremendously individual thing--there are lots of people (particularly extra-active types) who seem to do better with higher fruit and starchy veg.

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              +1 to what everybody said. (You people are handing out some pretty good advice!)

              Don't freak if you can't get to or afford organic or grass-fed. Do what you can, as you can. Just hit the basics for right now -- grain-free, sugar-free, processed food-free. That is enough to keep you more than busy for a while. Over time, your food will be dialed in more, but for now you are doing plenty.

              Primal athletes usually need more carbs, and bananas are a good source for that. If you go into the athlete or fitness rooms, you'll see folks eating more fruit and sweet potatoes than here in the main board.

              Welcome and good luck. This Primal thing is pretty rad.
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                LOL, breathe!

                I get you with the all or nothing, I used to be that way with many things myself.

                Definitely relax a bit. All of the above advice is good stuff. Just wanted to add a couple of things.

                Primal is not low carb. Seriously. Mark talks about threre being a spot for maintenance, a sweet spot for weight loss, and a goal (of VLC) for leaning out. Depending on your goals, you may be in any one of those spots, but just to be "Primal", there's nothing saying you can't have carbs (just not processed, crappy carbs.) I need to keep my carbs above 50g (hypothyroid), so I end up eating some sweet potato, avocado and bananas here and there, otherwise I can't get over 30g/day and that's too low for my body. But like was said above, it's trial and error. If he's doing fine eating bananas, then eat them. If he's not getting to his goals, then he may want to consider that's an issue and eliminate, just to see.

                Somtimes I feel like a big giant petri dish experiment myself.

                The shakes are billed as a meal replacement, for people that may need that sort of thing from time to time and want one that doesn't have a bunch of extra chemicals in them. I would say chances are you don't NEED it. After eating primally for a while, I now eat two meals a day, and am not hungry the rest of the time. You most likely will be perfectly capable of getting what you need from your foods and that's it. But... if having some type of meal replacement handy is something you think you want to do or do really need for some reason, go for it. I'd give it a shot without it first though and see how it goes.

                My personal take on stevia is it's pretty natural and if used sparingly is MUCH better than any of the processed stuff. Again, not something I use a lot, maybe once every couple of weeks when I make myself a Chai Latte or once every few months when I bake almond cookies for my kidlets.

                And my only real tidbit of advice is to take it in baby steps. I think I started with removing grains and sugars. (I wasn't really into processed foods anyway, so I didn't have to do that, but it kind of all goes together). Then I cut back on things like soda/alcohol... drinking more tea, mineral water. Now i'm adding in more strength workouts and sprints. Play with the cookbook, pull up recipes on this forum, hit the primal blogs and try recipes on there that look good. Honestly I think learning how good real foods can be is the most fun, and also the biggest thing you can do to make the process easier, as when you have a big steak and veggie dinner filling you up, the other stuff starts to look kinda icky in comparison! You don't want to feel deprived... and you don't have to.

                Good luck!
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                  Thanks alot to everyone! Wow! I can't believe how nice everyone is and how helpful! You all gave me great advice and i intend on using it! Thanks again!!


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                    Welcome and you might like this site for great recipes. Good luck!
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                      Originally posted by peachy0817 View Post
                      Thanks alot to everyone! Wow! I can't believe how nice everyone is and how helpful! You all gave me great advice and i intend on using it! Thanks again!!
                      Crap... guys, we were being nice and helpful again... we need to work on that.

                      GO AWAY NOOB!!!!! lol