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Thoughts on My Meal Plans

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  • Thoughts on My Meal Plans

    Here's what I normally eat for a meal.

    A huge salad, usually on it's own plate with oil and vinegar, I put in it all the veggies etc that are offered in the salad line (I have to eat at a chow-hall).

    Whatever meat they're serving, usually 8-12oz, and it's normally either beef, chicken, turkey or pork.

    2 pieces of fruit, pears, strawberries, plums, apricots, peaches, etc...

    And my snacks periodically consist of trail mix or deer jerky due to not liking any of that processed beef jerky crap that they sell in the store, I can't stand the taste.

    I also do about 2-3 cups of coffee with coconut milk (not really loving the coconut milk but it's better than nothing). I might switch to heavy cream/half and half...etc when I get home.

    I would like to know if I need to add/subtract/modify some things. Keep in mind that I can only really get what they serve, but the salad/fruit is always the same.

    I did the math and the calorie count for each meal is about 6-800 calories (which doesn't conscern me that much), and eating this way keeps me full for literally the entire day. I work from noon to midnight, so I eat at noon and most times don't have to eat until midnight or 1 am after my workout. And I'm not even starving after my workout or when I eat next, sometimes I don't finish my evening meal. Guessing this is good? The periodic meals happens pretty often, sometimes I don't eat at 1200, I eat at maybe 8 pm and don't eat until the next day. So far I've dropped 5-6lbs in December, not a ton but a good start. Is this normal? I mean I eat when I feel hungry like I'm told I should, sometimes I gague whether or not it's worth getting up and going to get food, sometimes it's too much of a bother so I don't eat, personally I like that freedom, just ensuring I'm doing all this right.